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Independent Living

  • Independent living in Alberta is an ideal lifestyle option for active or semi-active older adults looking for a social and supportive retirement. Our residents choose independent living for many different reasons, but here are some of the ones we hear most often:

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    • You’re ready to expand your social circle and casual socialization in a community setting sounds a lot better than living at home alone.
    • You’d sleep better at night knowing that staff are around whenever you need them—whether in an emergency or simply when you feel like company—thanks to a call-bell system or personal response pendant.
    • The many tasks associated with owning a home like costly repairs, lawn and landscaping care, and cleaning a large house are sapping your energy; you’d rather focus your time on family, travel, and the simple enjoyments of retired life.
    • Instead of an all-ages apartment, you’d prefer living in a quiet and safe community with people who share your stage of life. You’d also like this to be your last downsize—because who has the energy for multiple moves?
    • Having optional senior-friendly fitness classes, clubs, social gatherings, volunteer opportunities, and outings available on your very doorstep sounds appealing.
  • The cornerstones of independent living at Chartwell are our enriching social life, friendly staff support, and a sense of personal safety and security. There are many valuable services you or a loved one may benefit from as a part of this lifestyle, such as:

    • Delicious and nutritious dining options
    • Housekeeping, linens, and laundry service
    • Transportation to appointments or fun outings in the local community
    • Access to visiting health care professionals like physicians, physiotherapy, blood pressure clinics, and more

    Depending on the Chartwell seniors’ residence, you may have a wide variety of accommodation options to choose from, including studio, one-bedroom, one-bedroom-plus-den, and two-bedroom suite layouts, some with kitchenettes or full kitchens, balconies, and patios. When you’re not spending time relaxing in your private suite, you may be enjoying one of the many on-site amenities at your new retirement home, such as outdoor space or walking paths, bistros with hot beverages and snack service, libraries, fitness rooms, movie theatres, and much more.

    If you or a loved one are looking for a worry-free, flexible lifestyle without care, independent living may be the right choice for you; however, care services may also be available through third-party homecare providers. As some of our retirement homes in Alberta also offer a continuum of care—meaning Private Supportive Living, assisted living, and memory care are available within the same building—you can also feel reassured knowing you can opt into care services as your needs change without the need for another big move.

Private Supportive Living

  • Private Supportive Living is a lifestyle option unique to the province of Alberta. This care option is available through Alberta Health Services and provides seniors who move into a retirement residence with the option to receive funded care services if you’d like some additional assistance with your daily routine or healthcare needs, now or in future.

    Happily, the Chartwell staff you will come to know and trust are the people who deliver your care services, including an on-site nurse. Care services you may opt into receiving include:

    • Assistance with your morning or evening routine, such as dressing, grooming, or bathing
    • Medication management
    • An escort to the dining room or activities
    • Many more services designed to maximize your independence and peace of mind

    To qualify for Private Support Living, Alberta Health Services conducts an assessment of your or a loved one’s needs before authorizing and funding care services at one of our retirement homes. Additional care and services may also be available through Chartwell at an additional fee, depending on the retirement residence you choose.

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Assisted Living (Designated Supportive Living)

  • Assisted living in Alberta is an ideal lifestyle choice for older adults who would benefit from significant support with their daily routine or healthcare needs, as well as 24-hour access to nursing staff. Also known as Designated Supportive Living, this subsidized lifestyle option is coordinated and funded through Alberta Health Services—yet all care and support are delivered by the friendly and compassionate Chartwell staff you’ll come to know and trust.

  • We offer variety of customized assisted living services that you or a loved one can benefit from:

    • Medication management
    • Assistance with activities of daily living, such as dressing or grooming
    • Bathing and showering assistance
    • An escort to meals and activities
    • Meal assistance
    • And many other specialized services as required

    Three delicious and nutritious meals daily, laundry and housekeeping, and transportation services are also included in your retirement living package, and depending on the residence, you may also have access to visiting professionals and services like physicians, pharmacy, physiotherapy, foot care, blood pressure clinics, and more. This is an appreciated aspect of life in a retirement home, as it allows you to receive many of your healthcare services onsite without the need for travel.

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  • Our Directors of Care will partner with you to build a personalized plan of care reflective of your or a loved one’s unique needs, helping to ensure we are safely meeting what you require to feel your best each day.

Memory Care (Designated Supportive Living 4D)

  • If you are living with early stages of cognitive loss or caring for a loved one living with dementia or Alzheimer’s, then memory care services may be exactly what you need to achieve the care and the peace of mind you deserve.

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  • Funded and coordinated by Alberta Health Services, but delivered by Chartwell staff within our retirement communities, memory care (DSL4D) is a subsidized lifestyle option for older adults living with dementia. Chartwell staff are specially trained in supporting our memory care residents with compassionate care, and deliver valuable services such as:

    • Cueing and assistance with daily routines
    • Bathing and showering assistance
    • An escort to meals and activities
    • Medication administration and supervision
    • Many more specialized services

    Depending on the retirement residence, you may either find dedicated floors or designated suites for our memory care residents. Some Chartwell retirement homes also offer WanderGuard technology so residents can safely live anywhere in the residence, supporting their sense of freedom and independence.

    To qualify for subsidized memory care, Alberta Health Services authorizes and funds accommodations and care services for you or a loved one at one of our retirement residences. Our Retirement Living Consultants are here to help you navigate Alberta’s healthcare system to ensure you find the right residence and care for your unique needs and preferences.

Chartwell’s Memory Living Program

  • Chartwell also has a unique Memory Living program at Chartwell Wescott in Edmonton. Our contemporary retirement residence features a dedicated Memory Living Neighbourhood—a warm, supportive, and safe setting for seniors living with dementia that offers an elevated memory care experience.

  • Unique features of the neighbourhood include:

    • A secure and home-like environment with 24-hour staff supervision
    • Suites and amenities that cater to the experience of dementia using design features like soothing or contrasting colours and cueing signage for maximum accessibility, independence, and easy navigation
    • Secure outdoor space
    • Dedicated dining room and amenity spaces

    Chartwell is proud to offer a person-centred approach to memory care; one that honours who a person is and their unique experience with dementia, rather than focusing solely on the disease they are living with. What does this look like in practice?

    • Understanding each resident’s personal history, preferences and dislikes, and what brings them joy
  • Chartwell Care employee folding laundry
    • Forming meaningful, trusted relationships between residents and staff
    • Not allowing the personal expressions of a resident living with dementia to define who they are
    • Striving to learn each person’s unique experience with dementia to better soothe and redirect to activities, conversations, or people that bring relaxation or happiness.

    With a high staff-to-resident ratio, our staff “work to live” in our Memory Living neighbourhood alongside residents, meaning they aren’t just there to provide care services, but jump into residents’ daily routines to make them feel more at home. Envision staff and residents sitting on the living room couch watching a baseball game and eating popcorn together; folding laundry or setting the table for dinner; browsing a resident’s closet together to discuss what they want to wear; or planting flowers in raised garden beds on a sunny day. We know these important aspects of daily living are what give you or a loved one purpose and happiness, and that’s exactly our mission: to help you live a good day, every day.

    Additional features of Memory Living in Alberta include:

    • Access to nursing staff 24/7
    • Specialized activities and dining
    • Dedicated Memory Living Managers to support residents and their families

    Our Memory Living Manager will partner with you and your family to build a personalized plan of care, designed to maximize your independence, comfort, and quality of life. You or a loved one may receive valuable care services like:

    • Assistance with morning or evening routines, including dressing, grooming, showering or continence care
    • Cueing assistance and an escort to meals and activities
    • Medication management
    • Many more customizable services available

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Cost of Senior Living in Alberta

Exploring the cost of retirement residences in Alberta? Depending on the senior living option you select based on your needs and preferences, the monthly rental cost in a Chartwell retirement community can differ widely. Factors like the size of your suite or apartment, additional services you add to your retirement living package, the luxuriousness of the retirement home you’re interested in, as well as the geographical location of the residence also influence how much you or a loved one may pay per month.

You can find starting at prices for each Chartwell residence on their webpage, which can help you get a better idea of costs in your area. Alternatively, contact us today and we’ll walk you through the specific pricing of Chartwell retirement homes in your neighbourhood and help you understand the costs associated with the services, support, and suite sizes you’re interested in. 

What is the difference between senior living and long term care?

Still uncertain about what makes a Chartwell retirement residence different than a long term care home? Many people assume the two senior care options are the same thing, but they are quite different in a number of ways, including the level of care support offered, how waiting lists and the move-in process work, as well as how they are regulated and funded by The Government of Alberta. Read our blog to learn about the key differences between retirement residences and long term care homes.

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Why would I choose retirement living over homecare?

If you or a loved one are considering your aging care options, it’s natural you may be looking at aging at home with private or subsidized homecare services as a possible choice. There are some important differences between retirement living and homecare in terms of benefits that are worth exploring before making your final decision. Review our comparison chart to see how the advantages of each option stack up against one another. 

Questions about the lifestyle and care options at Chartwell retirement homes in Alberta? Contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable Retirement Living Consultants or to book a tour at a Chartwell residence in your neighbourhood. 

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