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How to Start Talking About Retirement Living

Resources on caregiving advice and family conversations

Have you determined that senior living would be an ideal choice for an aging loved one—whether it be a parent, spouse, friend, or neighbour you support—but you’re feeling uneasy about bringing up the lifestyle solution to them? We often hear that broaching the topic of retirement living can feel awkward for caregivers, as it can be tough to predict how a loved one may react, which is why we’ve compiled an assortment of helpful guides, articles, and checklists that can help you feel empowered going into these sometimes-difficult conversations. The bonus? Our expert advice can also help you support the wishes and decisions of your loved one during these important discussions.

Family conversations

When it comes to family conversations about senior living and aging care options, we know that the main decision makers don’t always agree on the right way forward. We partnered with Gerontological Social Worker Dr. Amy D’Aprix to bring you a variety of caregiving resources on the topic of proactive family conversations and how to achieve family harmony in pursuit of finding the right level of support for a loved one.

You’ll find expert advice on common questions you or a loved one may have, including:

  • How to tactfully bring up the idea of retirement living with a loved one
  • How many people to involve in the conversation
  • How to ensure you are respecting the feelings and independence of your loved one
  • When to book a follow-up conversation
  • How to get on the same page as your siblings when it comes to a parent’s care
  • When to begin touring retirement residences together
Caregiving advice

Additionally, you will find many of our resources are geared toward supporting you as a caregiver—not just in terms of caring for a loved one, but your own health and wellness. Explore our caregiving resources covering some of the following topics:

  • How retirement living can support you as a caregiver
  • How to achieve better balance and wellness as a caregiver to avoid burnout
  • Important statistics on caregiving in Canada
  • Navigating the mixture of emotions you may be experiencing as a caregiver

Ready to get the information you need as a caregiver so you can make an informed decision on next steps for yourself or a loved one? Browse some of our most popular resources today!