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Life Enrichment at Chartwell

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  • Chartwell’s LiveNow program

    At Chartwell, we want you to live your best retirement years feeling safe and supported—but more than that, we want you to feel a sense of personal fulfillment and contentment that has you looking forward to what each day brings in your retirement community.

    Born from that philosophy is our LiveNow life enrichment program. Comprised of different high-quality experiences that promote all six dimensions of wellness—physical, social, emotional, intellectual, vocational, and spiritual—our programming is designed to help you lead the engaging and purposeful lifestyle you deserve.

    In your new home, we strive to empower you to pursue your individual passions and embrace opportunities to connect with people who share similar interests and outlooks as you. That’s why LiveNow is so much more than a calendar of events of activities; it’s about what brings you unique enjoyment and personal accomplishment. Fitness programs, art classes, hobby clubs, discussion groups, higher learning, charitable opportunities, live entertainment, outings, themed social events—you’ll find there’s always something on offer that can entertain you, intrigue you, connect you or challenge you—and the choice is entirely yours.

    Our Lifestyle & Program Managers are here to provide you with memorable experiences that will enrich your daily life, promote your well-being, and foster opportunities to meet and spend time with new friends—both within your retirement residence and in your local community at large, including transportation to great outings in your neighbourhood.

Our signature programs

Rhythm ‘N’ Moves

We know that keeping physically active in our retirement years is vitally important for so many reasons: to promote better brain health and lower dementia risk, ease chronic pain, strengthen the heart and manage blood pressure, boost mental well-being, improve sleep and much, much more.

That’s why we offer several fitness experiences at Chartwell that promote building healthy habits into your routine. Our most popular exercise class, Rhythm ‘N’ Moves, combines music and movement into a fun and interactive program that supports your physical well-being. This experience is carried out by our Lifestyle & Programs Managers in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere where no matter your level of ability, you can participate at your own pace. And no need to worry; it’s informal and non-competitive, balancing a workout with laughter and enjoyment. In fact, you’ll likely find yourself enjoying a glass of water with friends afterwards, chatting about the routine and feeling jazzed about the great music!

You may also consider attending our Stretch & Relaxation and Gentle Exercises experiences that can help you stay active, limber, and healthy.

Chartwell Senior residents performing chair exercise


Staying mentally sharp as we get older is a significant priority for many of us, which is why we want to help you take a proactive approach to protecting the health of your brain and thus your overall independence and well-being.

FitMinds® is our signature intellectual program offered and conducted by our Lifestyle & Program Managers to support your brain health. Two experiences are offered under the FitMinds® umbrella: Stay Sharp®, which is designed to encourage cognitive resilience through brain fitness activities, and Interact®, a cognitive stimulation therapy program for older adults living with dementia, intended to help slow the progression of the disease.

These unique and beneficial brain health experiences are conducted in weekly workshops with customized activities that are both enjoyable and thought-provoking. You’ll find our workshop settings are both supportive and social, where you can enjoy the company of friends while furthering your personal well-being.

Whether it be card games, discussion groups, guest lectures, higher learning opportunities or simply puzzling, you’ll find there are many other ways to flex your brain fitness in a retirement residence too.

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Ports of Call

You’ll find the lifestyle in a retirement community is inherently social, one of the strongest benefits of the lifestyle—and not just in terms of your overall happiness, but your health too. In fact, many studies demonstrate just how important it is for us to maintain meaningful relationships with friends and family in our retirement years and the many health advantages to living in communities with people of a similar age.

To further elevate the social experience in our homes, we have a program called Ports of Call, a travel-themed day held once a month where we celebrate a specific destination through a variety of cultural experiences and menus. The unique tastes, entertainment and even costumes provoke great conversation and laughter among residents and staff. In fact, you may find yourself learning something new or trading a favourite travel story as you come together in a relaxed atmosphere of social enjoyment—the perfect setting to meet new friends or deepen relationships with old ones. Bon voyage!

Chartwell senior residents enjoying the theme party - ports of call

Moments That Matter

It comes as no surprise that when we’re feeling emotionally strong, we’re better equipped to manage life’s ups and downs with enthusiasm, humour and grace. Our emotional strength is derived from how we see the world and the degree to which we feel positive in our outlook.

To better support our residents in achieving an optimistic attitude and maintain feelings of happiness—no matter what life brings—we created Moments That Matter. This unique program encourages our residents to share a special moment with our staff so they can help to make it a reality.

Whether it’s riding a horse for the first time, enjoying a romantic anniversary dinner, seeing a childhood home again, showcasing personal artwork at a local gallery, or even tasting your first ever double-double from Tim Horton’s, our staff are actively listening to hear what small, yet important moments could help you or a loved one experience a renewed sense of positivity and peace.

Chartwell Senior resident playing guitar


Did you know there are emotional, social, and even physical benefits to volunteering? Not only does volunteering give us a sense of purpose and satisfaction about giving back, for older adults it can also contribute to positive mental health, increase socialization, and promote independence!

You’ll find in Chartwell retirement communities, many of our residents want an opportunity to make a positive difference in their local communities, as well as the global community at large. We created our signature vocational experience, H.O.P.E. (Helping Others for Purposeful Engagement), to do just that: provide a program framework that creates occasions for you to connect with your community and make an impact that brings you meaning and purpose.

Whether you want to participate in a fundraising effort, join us in a visit to a local women’s shelter or animal rescue organization, or begin your own creative project to give back, our Lifestyle & Program Managers are here to support your exploration, help you set goals and foster meaningful experiences that bring everyone together in a shared purpose.

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Java Music Club

Spirituality is a very personal thing and can be expressed in a variety of ways—religion, personal values and ethics, or a sense of connection with something greater. No matter how you convey your spirituality, we know that your spiritual wellness has a significant impact on your overall health, including feelings of hope, belonging and purpose.

Java Music Club is a signature experience that offers an inclusive and approachable way for you to connect with likeminded residents hoping to build a culture of mutual support for one another. Lead by our Lifestyle & Program Managers, meetings of the mind take place in a safe, warm, and inviting atmosphere with a small group, allowing everyone to express themselves and seek support without fear of judgement.

You’ll find these sessions can have a therapeutic quality to them, especially if you’re going through a difficult time or seeking an opportunity to dive into deeper questions about the meaning and purpose of life. We celebrate spiritual principles such as love, acceptance, appreciation, understanding, compassion, and peace, empowering you to be open and expressive with group members as you discuss your own thoughts and help others to work through theirs.

We also offer other spiritual wellness programs from time to time that promote feelings of love, hope and abundance, including meditation and reflection experiences.

Chartwell Staff and residents at the JAVA club

Artfull Enrichment

Did you know that creative outlets like visual arts can have a positive impact on the well-being of older adults, including improved physical health, stronger social connections, reduced chronic pain and a better ability to cope with stress?

We know the power of the arts and its ability to better your life, which is why we offer Artfull Enrichment, a series of high-quality art programs that promote creative expression, social connectivity, and lifelong learning. Lead by our Lifestyle & Program Managers, these experiences are designed to empower your inner creativity and develop your fundamental skills with things like printable tutorials, art presentations, live workshops and much more.

You’ll find there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy the arts at Chartwell, as we also often celebrate creativity through live musical performances, cultural events, hobby classes and outings.

Chartwell senior residents enjoying painting

The importance of life enrichment

You may be asking yourself: why do I so often hear about the importance of active living in my retirement years? And how does life enrichment in retirement communities contribute to my overall wellbeing? These are both great questions: it turns out the World Health Organization links being physically active and socially connected to healthy aging and longevity for seniors. In fact, active living during your retirement also has proven impacts on helping you remain mentally fit and spiritually fulfilled, allowing you to enjoy health and happiness in all aspects of your wellness.

Learn more about the benefits of active living at Chartwell in our infographic.

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