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Rhythm ‘N’ Moves | Chartwell's Exercise Program for Seniors

We know that keeping physically active in our retirement years is vitally important for so many reasons: to promote better brain health and lower dementia risk, ease chronic pain, strengthen the heart and manage blood pressure, boost mental well-being, improve sleep and much, much more.

That’s why we offer several fitness experiences at Chartwell that promote building healthy habits into your routine. Our most popular exercise class, Rhythm ‘N’ Moves, combines music and movement into a fun and interactive program that supports your physical well-being. This experience is carried out by our Lifestyle & Programs Managers in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere where no matter your level of ability, you can participate at your own pace. And no need to worry; it’s informal and non-competitive, balancing a workout with laughter and enjoyment. In fact, you’ll likely find yourself enjoying a glass of water with friends afterwards, chatting about the routine and feeling jazzed about the great music!

You may also consider attending our Stretch & Relaxation and Gentle Exercises experiences that can help you stay active, limber, and healthy.

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