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Ports of Call | Chartwell's Travel-Themed Social Program

You’ll find the lifestyle in a retirement community is inherently social, one of the strongest benefits of the lifestyle—and not just in terms of your overall happiness, but your health too. In fact, many studies demonstrate just how important it is for us to maintain meaningful relationships with friends and family in our retirement years and the many health advantages to living in communities with people of a similar age.

To further elevate the social experience in our homes, we have a program called Ports of Call, a travel-themed day held once a month where we celebrate a specific destination through a variety of cultural experiences and menus. The unique tastes, entertainment and even costumes provoke great conversation and laughter among residents and staff. In fact, you may find yourself learning something new or trading a favourite travel story as you come together in a relaxed atmosphere of social enjoyment—the perfect setting to meet new friends or deepen relationships with old ones. Bon voyage!

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