Creating a Cozy Home for Holidays in Your New Residence

Have you recently moved into a retirement residence? For some, it can take a while for a new place to feel like home; however, the holidays are the perfect time to enliven your new space with the holiday décor you look forward to putting out each year, as well as bring forward those old seasonal traditions that give you a sense of warmth, peace and happiness—that “at home” feeling. You may even find your new retirement community provides the chance to make new holiday memories.

Step 1: Fill your new space with holiday cheer

Many new residents find that being surrounded by familiar items from their previous homes makes them feel more comfortable and settled in. Now is the time to display holiday pillows, throws, towels, kitchenware and knick-knacks that show your personality and reflect cherished memories and traditions!

There’s one holiday decoration that can instantly transform a space: a Christmas tree! If you’re used to a full-size Christmas tree but find it doesn’t fit nicely in your new suite, you could always consider a smaller or table-top version. Today’s models are incredibly realistic and often come pre-lit.

Too many decorations and not enough space? Find creative ways to display them! For example, ornaments can be strung along a window or displayed on a table top. Asking for assistance with decorating from family or friends is always a great way to share stories about past holidays, and may also provide an opportunity to gift cherished ornaments you don’t have room for to loved ones who’ll appreciate their history.

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Step 2: Continue cherished family traditions

Being surrounded by the people you care about is what makes any holiday meaningful, and that doesn’t have to change now that you’ve moved into a retirement residence. For example, if you enjoyed holiday baking with grandchildren, then continue that tradition in your residence. Many seniors’ communities have shared amenity spaces like country kitchens available for residents to use if they don’t have a full kitchen in their suite.

Step 3: Consider attending a new festivity

Now that you’ve moved into a community setting with its own set of welcoming and inclusive holiday traditions and activities, you may find the best way to meet more people and feel at home is by participating in a new festivity or two. From worship services and holiday parties to shopping trips and bus tours of local holiday light displays, you’ll find there’s something for everyone and that it’s an especially easy time of the year to meet and mingle.

Retirement residences also offer volunteer opportunities as part of their seasonal activities, giving you the chance to make new friends and give back to your local community at the same time.

Follow these three steps and you’ll be sure to bring a sense of home to your new space and create bonds that both celebrate the season and make you feel comfortable and content.

Every Chartwell residence enjoys celebrating the spirit of the season, welcoming all residents with numerous activities, amenities and opportunities to live a healthy, active and meaningful life. To learn more, or to find a senior living residence in your area, call our Contact Centre today at 1-855-461-0685.

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