The Benefits of Short-Term Stays at a Retirement Community

Many seniors benefit from moving to a retirement community full-time, but few are aware of short-term or trial stays, which are the ideal option for older adults and families who wish to stay in a retirement residence for a short period of time. These stays can accommodate a range of visitors and seniors in the community, as they both offer a location at which seniors can rest and get a glimpse into life at a retirement residence.

What is a short-term or trial stay?

A short-term or trial stay allows individuals to temporarily reside in a retirement residence for a short amount of time, whether that be for weeks or months. There are several different options to ponder when considering this type of respite, explained Mary Minielli, Sales Consultant for Chartwell Valley Vista. Seniors who have recently undergone surgery or are recovering from a hospital visit may benefit from a short-term stay, during which staff from the retirement community help provide assistance to older adults as they recover from an ailment. Trial stays are also suitable for older adults and families who wish to learn more about retirement living and how seniors engage with these environments, including living arrangements, dining options and activities.

Another short-term option for seniors is essentially a staycation, where they can take a brief break from their day-to-day lives by visiting a retirement community. This is ideal for seniors who live with their children as a peace of mind option if their children are traveling out of town. Alternatively, seniors can enlist this short-term option if they merely want a break from tasks associated with homeownership, such as cooking, cleaning and yardwork. Chartwell residences provide rooms that are fully furnished, activities geared toward older adults and opportunities for seniors to socialize with people who share similar interests.

Short-term stays are not limited to older adults, however; families can take advantage of these temporary living options as well. Minielli explained that family members who visit loved ones currently residing in the community can participate in hotel stays, where they are allowed to spend time in the residence to stay closer to them. These type of stays are a great option for families who live out of town or who wish to stay close to loved ones for a certain period of time.

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Residents, visitors and loved ones benefit from these stays

Short-term stays allow seniors a glimpse into life at a retirement residence, as they are invited to participate in community programs, enrichment activities and social events. While there is no set time limit for one of these stays, Minielli said seniors typically remain in the community for about eight to 12 weeks. Additionally, the majority of older adults and families who participate in these programs are referred by fellow residents of the community, meaning that visitors frequently already have friends or family living in the residence. Minielli also noted that at Chartwell Valley Vista, more than 40 per cent of seniors who participate in short-term stays end up permanently moving to the community – something she attributes to the sense of community established among residents.

“They come for a respite stay and feel like they’re at home,” Minielli said.

Minielli also explained that Chartwell Valley Vista sees a great deal of seniors interested in the short-term stay program each year, estimating that the residence houses approximately 120 temporary residents each year. Seniors or adult children who are interested in learning more about short-term, trial or respite stays should contact a Chartwell representative by calling 1-855-461-0685, or clicking here to find the nearest residence.

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