Chartwell Care staff walking with the senior resident

2023 ESG Report



Enriching the Lives of Our Residents, Employees, and Communities

As a leader of the retirement living sector in Canada, we have a responsibility to continuously evolve, improve, and grow our contribution to society. Our commitment to Making People’s Lives Better guides our daily operations, decision-making, and the relationships we build with residents, employees, and community partners.

Chartwell is pleased to present our 2023 Environmental Social Governance (ESG) report, which highlights our progress and targets in enriching the lives of our residents and their loved ones; attracting, engaging, and developing our employees; creating positive societal impact through community building and charitable activities; environmental stewardship; and corporate governance.

  • Vlad Volodarski, CEO. Quote from 2023 ESG report

Employee & Resident Satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction

In 2023, Chartwell achieved an employee satisfaction score of 54% for Highly Engaged, marking a significant increase of 6 and 11 percentage points from 2022 and 2021, respectively. This surpasses the 2023 target of 50% Highly Engaged employees and brings us within one percentage point of meeting our 2025 target of 55% of Highly Engaged employees. Including Engaged employees, Chartwell’s overall score for 2023 was 84%, representing a 3-percentage point improvement from 2022.


Measuring our Unique Value Proposition – Resident Experience

We asked our residents to respond to 38 statements covering all aspects of their experience at Chartwell – staff, management, environment, care and wellness, dining services, and lifestyle activities. We focus and evaluate our success based on Very Satisfied responses. For 2023, Chartwell's resident satisfaction score for the Retirement Platform was 61% Very Satisfied, marking a 7% year-over-year increase and surpassing our target goal of 57%. When including Satisfied residents, Chartwell’s score for 2023 was 87%. Overall, our results exceeded Sensight’s senior living industry average score of 52% Very Satisfied.


Diversity & Inclusion

Chartwell’s progress in increasing the diversity of its workforce, particularly among residence and corporate managers, underscores our dedicated efforts to not just recruit but also promote and support individuals from various backgrounds and identities. Our improvements from 2022 to 2023 exemplify this commitment, showcasing tangible results in creating a workplace that celebrates diversity.


of Senior Leadership Roles at Chartwell (24 of 55) are women


BIPOC Representation at Corporate


LGBTQ+ Representation at Corporate


Corporate and Residence staff are women


BIPOC Representation at Residence


LGBTQ+ Representation at Residence

The Chartwell Foundation

Since launching in October 2022, The Chartwell Foundation has reunited loved ones, celebrated lifelong passions, and paid tribute to past legacies. We aim to show society that we are never too old to pursue our passions, to reach for our goals, and to recognize our dreams.

Over 90% of wish recipients say that having a wish granted helped to improve their quality of life, happiness, sense of purpose, and overall energy. This positive impact does not end with the wish recipients. It spreads across to their loved ones and reminds others that life continues even after retirement. Through the work of our organization, we have seen intergenerational connections made and the effects of social isolation reduced.


Value Stories

The meaningful moments that occur every day at Chartwell are the cornerstone of our organization’s mission. Our culture manifests itself in our results and lives in our stories. Stories about our residents, employees, and the communities in which we operate are heartwarming, inspirational, and reflective of how dynamic and vibrant senior living can be.

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    After moving to Cornwall, ON, Brenda was determined to pursue her passion for caregiving. Her professionalism and empathy caught the attention of the Chartwell Chateau Cornwall team, leading to her initial role as a casual Guest Attendant and eventually a full-time position. Arriving in Canada as a refugee from South Africa in December 2022, Brenda, originally from Zimbabwe, had obtained her Home Nursing Certificate through the Red Cross 15 years ago. H...