Chartwell Dining experience Beef Bourguignon

The Dining Experience at Chartwell Monastère d’Aylmer in Gatineau

Enjoy a world of culinary delights in our luxurious restaurant-style dining room, where you will be treated like royalty. Whether you’re dining solo or with family or friends, you’ll always have a nice hot meal without having to cook! Our kitchen team is dedicated to offering you the freshest, most nutritious and—put simply—the best food.

3 Plates of food -one with a pie, one with fish and one with salad. 3 assiettes de nourriture - une avec une tarte, une avec du poisson et une avec de la salade.

Our menus are created to feature seasonal ingredients and are changed regularly. But no good meal would be complete without a delicious dessert, would it? If you have a sweet tooth, we have tasty treats for you.

ice cream with caramel sauce on top

Service is just as important to us as the quality of our meals at Chartwell Monastère d’Aylmer.

Beyond the nutritious, delicious food itself, we also carefully consider your overall dining experience. Our dining room is specially designed for your comfort and satisfaction. Each time you visit, our dedicated staff will make sure you have an unforgettable experience. Our servers will not only attend to all your needs and preferences but also get to know you. This allows them to offer you outstanding service and meals that feel like they were made just for you—because they were! Sit back and relax in the friendly atmosphere and let us offer you the pleasure of a meal that you didn’t have to cook. 

  • Butternut Squash Soup for starters
  • Salle à mager du Chartwell Monastère d'Aylmer résidence pour retraités. Retirement Residence dining room.
  • Chartwell server serving omelette to the senior resident

Get a taste for Chartwell’s dining experience

What makes dining in a retirement residence special? It’s a combination of service from friendly staff who come to know your name, the delicious food on your plate, and the social connection that comes from gathering around a table to share stories over a good meal. Don’t forget fun themed meals, the chance to celebrate cherished traditions with family, and the opportunity to enjoy homestyle menu favourites as well as something new you mightn’t have tried if you were on your own. Watch our series of dining experience videos to understand what you can expect in a Chartwell retirement residence!

Explore our eye-catching seasonal menus

Did you know? Chartwell changes their menus to reflect all four seasons of the year! We have more than 750 tried-and-tested recipes that we reflect on our menus throughout the year, many of which incorporate seasonal ingredients that have you looking forward to your dining experience each day. Browse our sample seasonal menu to get a glimpse of what you can expect—including food photography of the meals you’ll see at our retirement residence!

Front page of Chartwell's seasonal menus document

Learn some fun facts about dining at Chartwell

There are so many assumptions out there about what retirement living food is—and most of the time, they couldn’t be more wrong! Explore our interesting infographic for true facts and figures about the dining experience at Chartwell—you may be surprised by what you learn.

Fact Image: We serve over 28, 000 cups of coffee per day - that's 10 million cups per year. We crack over 7, 500 eggs per day - that's 2.5 million eggs per year