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Chartwell Tiffin Retirement Residence

105 Pillsbury Drive, Midland, Ontario L4R 0E7

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Liela McClenaghan

My close friend is a resident at Chartwell Tiffin and I believe that she is thriving because she is living there. The staff are accommodating and eager to serve. Even under the stress and protocols of the pandemic the facility has maintained quality service to the residents and visitors. My friend has had concerns but they have been dealt with and she has been enjoying meeting others but would like more activities. However, she seems content and it gives me comfort knowing that she is well cared for. Thank you for all of your concerted effort to ensure that the residents quality of life is being maintained.

M Nowotny

I have had the pleasure of visiting clients at Tiffin House for the past two years, and am amazed at the level of care residents receive. What a wonderful place for seniors to live! Tiffin House is in walking distance to Georgian Bay and the trail, great for anyone who loves nature and enjoys a good walk. Tiffin House is well maintained and a beautiful building. It would be well worth a tour - you will be impressed!

Rita and Ray Jupp

We have been here 3 weeks and are very pleased,with everything so far. The staff are very pleasant and very friendly. We are pleased with all the services provided, and would recommend to everyone wishing to make this a home.

Christine Jupp

Three years ago we brought my mother through Tiffin and met Corrine for the first time. We were amazed at the beauty of the space and how happy all the residents seemed. My mom decided the timing wasn’t right, and then Covid hit. Corrine always kept my mom up to date with what was happening at Tiffin with a monthly “check-in” call. Flash forward three years. My in-laws decided it was time to make a move and they immediately fell in love with Tiffin. Everything ran extremely smoothly and they were moved into their cozy 1 bedroom space within a matter of weeks. They are settled now and completely happy. We are now in the process of getting my mom moved in within the next couple of weeks. Corrine and Michelle have been extremely helpful and readily available to answer any questions or concerns. The entire atmosphere when you walk into Tiffin House is one of warmth, kindness and family. My mom is looking forward to her move and I’m sure she will be happy with her decision to choose Tiffin as her new hone.

Liela McClenaghan McClenaghan

I had the pleasure of assisting my friend in finding a respite suite at Chartwell Tiffin in late September. She had fully planned to move into her own condo but after a positive experience and personal reflection, she decided that this was the place for her. She is now comfortably settled in her one bedroom suite and very pleased with the decision. It is comforting for me as her caregiver, knowing that she is receiving high quality customer service by loving and invested employees. The environment is uplifting and the facility is very clean and well managed. Thank you Chartwell team.

Susan Holsgrove

The children of Helen Dubbin would like to send our thanks and appreciation for all the great care you are giving to our dear mother. You have all gone way beyond your jobs this past year and a half taking care of our her. Every time I am there visiting and one of you comes into her room you are always so cheerful and friendly. Thanks you!!!! God bless each and everyone of you.

Mary Oliver

Happy Staff Appreciation Week to all the members of the Chartwell Tiffin Team! Your hard work and dedication is evident in the smiles of each and every resident in your home. Thank you for being your very best everyday and for keeping our loved ones safe and happy through these challenging times. It is so very much appreciated!” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sally Logan

Excellent care. Caring staff. No covid outbreaks. Great place to be.

Peter Hagg

with outdoor patios and overlooking Georgian Bay - interior is well appointed and well maintained - amenities are plentiful (bistro, library, lovely ding room rivalling the best hotels, movie theater. games room, pool, chapel, and hair dressing salon). The Staff is extremely helpful, well trained, accommodating, and personable. Meals are well planned, tasty and nutritious with an alternate menu available should one wish it. Activities are planned daily for those that wish to be active and are focused keeping one healthy and physically/mentally fit Capable medical staff is available on site should it be required. When my wife and I first arrived, the Chartwell bus was at the front door dropping off residents who had been shopping. The driver was holding the front door greeting everyone by their first name and saying "Welcome Home". I complemented the driver on he warm greeting. He replied "Well this is their home". We knew we were in the right place!!

Erin Brocklebank

I am an outside health care worker who has been going into Tiffin House for the last 2 + years. I want to give a shout out to the care managers and their teams for the exceptional care and environment they provide. It is clear that they take pride in making Tiffin House one of the best retirement residences around. The staff is very approachable and professional and it is clear they have great working relationships amongst each other as well as with their residents. It is a pleasure to be able to work with such an incredible team!

Doug Drysdale

I moved into Tiffin House in July 2017. I have enjoyed this wonderful place ever since! Good friends, caring staff and wonderful food. Best of all we have a wonderful building overlooking Georgian Bay! It doesn’t feel institutional, more like I’m on a holiday in a resort.

Ashley Robitaille

Such a warm and friendly atmosphere to live and work in. A huge 5 stars to all the lovely residents and employees!

Fern Sisulak

My father-in-law resides at the Tiffin House which he enjoys , absolutely beautiful facility, .... highly recommend ! Very clean , modern, great staff ... our / yours family members have all the comforts for great living, a home away from home.

Lynn Green

We are forever grateful to Paul and his staff at Tiffin Place. Our Aunt is in retirement living and our Uncle (her husband) is in memory care and are both so well taken care of we continually thank our lucky stars to have found this location. Everyone is so caring and thoughtful. The obvious efforts being taken to ensure our family members do not feel isolated or forgotten through these COVID times are gratefully appreciated. Our family is clearly their family! Thank you so much to everyone at Tiffin Place!

Dout La Rose

I saw Tiffin House being built and liked the look of it and it's location. Then I began doing my homework on all the other retirement homes in the area. I paid them a visit, looked at their facilities, got prices and ate in their dining room more than once. Good food is a prime requisite when choosing a retirement home. Then I sat down and made my comparisons. I found Tiffin House had everything I required. The food here is great and the staff is second to none. The House is kept clean and tidy both inside and out. We have three tiers of living here. Independent, help if needed and half the third floor is devoted to memory loss care. This means I won't have to move to another facility if I require help in the future. I am Happy here and this is where I want to be. Doug La Rose suite 112

Melanie Busby

I moved my mother and father into Assisted Living at Tiffin House in 2017. Since then my father passed away, and my mother now lives in Memory Living. All of the staff are awesome! They are so helpful. and are really more like family. I trust them entirely. We work together to develop a plan for my mother. She loves the activities. The facility is like a 5 star resort. It's clean and modern, and well maintained. My mother has a one-bedroom apartment with views onto Georgian Bay. I would highly recommend taking a look at this residence.

Carolyn Pope

My Mom moved into Tiffin approximately 18 months ago. At first, she was reluctant to leave her family home and was a little withdrawn. Now she is busy everyday with activities she loves. The staff have gone above and beyond looking after my Mom. I get updates on her progress and the staff have been very pro-active with her needs and I am kept in the loop (I live on the other side of Canada). I am so thankful that my Mom ended up at Tiffin, she is well looked after, the place is beautiful and has so many activities to choose from. I no longer worry about my Mom’s safety or her being lonely. I give this place five stars! Well done Tiffin Staff.

Sheila Hawkins

This has been my home for over 3 years. The best decision I made!. Always a lot of activities to choose from plus the independence of continuing your previous lifestyle. No grocery shopping,no cooking,no dishes to wash! Just enjoy yourself All the staff are wonderful and their dedication to our comfort,safety and well being has been exemplary during this Covid 19 crisis well done Sheila

Marion Taylor

I think the food at Tiffin is very good and as a woman I do not have to look at a kitchen, which is worth it's weight in gold! The setting is beautiful, and it's on beautiful Georgian Bay. An ideal place to be shipwrecked ,so to speak. Walking trails around Tiffin are beautiful by the water or in the wooded areas. I walk daily and it makes me feel better mentally and physically. There are a variety of people that make up the home and it makes the home comfortable and interesting. The staff have a knack for working with you, that brings out the best in you. I would recommend Tiffin.

Irene West

Tiffin has wonderful staff who are helpful and very personal. My room is lovely and I am next to a wonderful friend. It's nice not to have to cook and as a rule the food is ok. I enjoy the activities and I am looking forward to the activities that we cannot do right now due to Covid. I am very proud of the way the staff have kept us health and busy during these trying Covid times.

Margret Staude

Tiffin is my beautiful home. The people are very nice and I have the best view looking over Georgian Bay in Midland Ontario. If I look around the corner I could see my former house. Where we lived a wonderful 30 years where my family grew up.My Husband was a teacher at MSS. I was 4 years alone after my husband passed and my daughter and I looked for retirement home and I chose Tiffin as it felt alot like my home with the same view and I like the people at Tiffin. I feel very comfortable with the residents at Tiffin. I met people here that I had not seen in years and we lawn bowled together.

Lynn Green

We toured our facility almost to the day this time last year along with many others and your facility made our Aunt and Uncle feel at home. Well, they moved in last June, and it couldn't have been a better decision. Our Aunt who essentially was primary care giver for her husband struggling with dementia, now did not have the burden associated with this task. While not living in the same room, they are under the same roof and she is able to go visit him whenever she wants, and essentially is on his floor 2 times a day. They both are looking so healthy and happy. I can't articulate enough how fantastic the entire staff is. What a relief for them to be so settled (and that took no time at all). Our Aunt (who is quite independent), was within a week stating what a fantastic move and to this day, she says there have been no regrets. They are both so happy and we contribute this to the wonderful care and amazing staff at this facility. They are ensuring total safety for all residences and staff during this COVID-19 crisis while engaging the residences and encouraging families to send pictures and message to be shared during this time. We are very fortunate to have found this location. THANK YOU!

Lynn Green

I recently toured the Tiffin Retirement home in Midland with my Aunt and Uncle who require different care levels. The staff were extremely accommodating and helpful. My Aunt who was very trepidatious initially left feeling very confident and happy with the entire experience.


We moved our parents into this facility November 2017. The staff were outstanding in their efforts to help when needed and their professionalism and reassurance during a tough adjustment period were instrumental in helping my parents get used to their new environment. Since then my Father has passed away and my Mother was moved to memory living and again the staff stepped up and made it a smooth transition. The staff are young and energetic and go out of their way to make life enjoyable for the residents here, sometimes under very trying circumstances. The management team is very approachable and are not afraid to jump in and help as issues arise. The key is to ask when something is needed. The facility is spotless and somewhat new and overlooks Georgian Bay. It is worth the drive to Midland!

Janice Craigie

It was a pleasure to meet with the staff at Tiffin while researching a care facility for a family member. I felt completely at ease during the whole process due to the lack of pressure and a great client centered approach. In fact this was where I experienced the most care for my family member and her best interests. I would highly recommend a visit to Chartwell Tiffin !



Caytlynn Croisier

Chartwell Tiffin Retirement Residence has hosted Team Jordan for many "Wine Not Give" events and we have been lucky enough to be invited as the charity of choice several times. Kim and the staff have always been welcoming and offered outstanding customer service! Each time we've attended we have brought along a few furry friends, the residents, staff and attendees are so kind, gentle and warm with the new visitors. This facility is so warm and we highly recommend it!

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