Chartwell Terrace on the Square Retirement Residence

100 Caroline Street South, Waterloo, Ontario N2L 1X5

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Pat Walsh

The care of my 94 year old mother has been wonderful over the years my mother has been at this residence. She feels at home and safe. Recently we moved her to a different room and the help I received from the Maintenance Manager Ken Witzel was outstanding and very much appreciated. All the staff are very understanding and helpful. I would recommend this facility.

Cheryl Drummond

Mom was transferred to this residence after she lost her husband. She was struggling with Dementia. Their care has been great. The staff are caring and respectful and they look after her even when she gets out of sorts. The constant care and routine has given her her life back and she even enjoys some of the activities and being able to go out side in good weather. i would recommend this facility.

Heather Jeffery

When my father let us know that he wanted to move from NS to Waterloo to be closer to myself and my family, I didn't consider any other retirement homes for him. My father is really enjoying the activities offered and the community based lifestyle that TOTS brings. I work in community based health care and so have had contact with the staff at TOTS for 12+ years. There are a few aspects of life at TOTS that stand out for me: (1) high quality of the nursing and PSW care. as well, someone always contacts me if there are any questions or concerns about my father's health or care needs. (2) the food. It's nutritious and delicious with just the right amount of sweets available. The dining room staff are flexible and always willing to offer my father a different meal item if he asks for something other than the two options available at each meal. (3) I am impressed with the type and variety of activities available to residents. And (4) the atmosphere is welcoming and inviting. I highly recommend taking a tour of TOTS if you or your family member are considering retirement living.

Martha Lunz

Chartwell Terrace On The Square is an excellent residence filled with caring and knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend this residence and believe we're very lucky to have them in our community!

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