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Chartwell Terrace on the Square Retirement Residence

100 Caroline Street South, Waterloo, Ontario N2L 1X5

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Robert Bullas

I can’t say enough good things about Terrace on the Square! My sister Pam has been a changed person since she moved from her lonely apartment! She is able to be social with so many nice people and the entire staff really treat her and the others at Terrace on the Square like family! When I come to visit I’m treated like family too! Pam raves about the meals and feels it’s like being on a 5 star cruise ship! There are always fun activities every day to keep you from ever getting bored! Terrace on the square has given my sister a reason to live again! Thank you Terrace on the Square for everything you do!

Don W. Snyder

We moved my sister into this fine facility late last November. From the initial interview and tour we were treated with respect and supported superbly throughout the moving in and orientation process. Staff continue to respond to regular and special needs in exemplary fashion. I would highly recommend this facility for someone needing minimal assisted living support.

Janet & Larry Schell

How does one go about writing a review about a "Home" placement for a loved family member? When all resources fail to keep our loved one in their own home? Or, options for caring for our loved on in our own home is not possible any more. As WE age and our own health needs start to appear, we reach out to all the necessary agencies the medical field has to offer. And then some. The process is emotional, exhausting and most importantly expensive. Which process do we focus on first? All three actually. After over 3-5 years of putting all medical agencies in place, plus outside forces to keep our father in his own home. It came a time, where the 3 times a week health workers could not get into the house any more, or when they could, were forced to leave. Food delivery was refused. Food in the fridge grew beards. Eating, bathing, changing clothes, shaving, brushing teeth, giving away monies he did not have, changed the whole prospective of keeping dad in his own home. Challenges abound, we researched all senior homes, assisted homes and care facilities within the Kitchener-Waterloo area. One of the first requirements to all family members researching a "Home" is the welcome matt you receive when visiting these homes. Remember!! Its not a drop off, see you dad and mom, we will come and visit placement. This is a heart wrenching scary time for them and you. You need to equate to their needs. NOT YOURS. That takes in the reception you receive on touring these facilities, their options of care. Their attitude to you. Which unfortunately or.....fortunately takes in how much money you have to spend. Honesty is paramount in dealing with all Care facilities. Have your information available to discuss the parents financial state. Or.....your financial contribution. Some, not all care facilities, take this into consideration immediately. If at any time they might feel the monies is a risk, and rightfully so, they will refuse you. And leave no window of options open. If you have decided to investigate future "Homes" then investigate. Walk in that door,, watch how you are greeted. Watch how the "Home" is laid out. Watch how your "Home" representative showing you around introduces the staff. The dining room servers. The nurse. The receptionist. The coordinators. The maintenance people. How they speak of them, to them. How they approach everyone and their responses. How the staff responds to you and the representatives you are with. Look at how the facility is laid out. What entertainment, activities they have each day, each week. Look to see how they have made their "Home" away from "Home" inviting. Terrace on the Square was one of several facilities we investigated, interviewed and researched that offered all t he needs a "Home" away from home needed. Walking in the door was a greeting by a very warm atmosphere. An immediate feeling of belonging. People were smiling. The huge room invited you to come in, sit down,. The staff greeted you not just professionally, but as a family member. You were not a number waiting to be served. We were invited to lunch. The server staff went out of their way to talk, accept and please. Nervous as we were, they spoke to you as a friend. The head nurse administrator answered all your questions, none being silly or unanswerable. Questions of money was a huge question and worry. We were made to feel at ease immediately. That money was something that could be worked out, hopefully with options in place. Next step was discussing the medical, his health and immediate needs as well as future needs. Chartwel has a nurse on duty every day. Files are kept, records kept, medication and other necessary health requirements are looked after by Chartwell with YOUR permission. An added expense but small compared t o running your parent, loved one to their doctor, their pharmacy, disrupting their daily routine which they start to look forward too! Outings are great. Any outing is an emotional,

Anne Woolner

My father, Charlie, aged 96, has been a resident of the home for over a year. They provide excellent care for him and have adjusted their care for him as needed, being conscientious of his need for dignity. Their precautions during covid 19 gave our family a sense of security knowing that Dad was in a safe place and being cared for in a loving manner.

Pat Walsh

The care of my 94 year old mother has been wonderful over the years my mother has been at this residence. She feels at home and safe. Recently we moved her to a different room and the help I received from the Maintenance Manager Ken Witzel was outstanding and very much appreciated. All the staff are very understanding and helpful. I would recommend this facility.

Cheryl Drummond

Mom was transferred to this residence after she lost her husband. She was struggling with Dementia. Their care has been great. The staff are caring and respectful and they look after her even when she gets out of sorts. The constant care and routine has given her her life back and she even enjoys some of the activities and being able to go out side in good weather. i would recommend this facility.

Heather Jeffery

When my father let us know that he wanted to move from NS to Waterloo to be closer to myself and my family, I didn't consider any other retirement homes for him. My father is really enjoying the activities offered and the community based lifestyle that TOTS brings. I work in community based health care and so have had contact with the staff at TOTS for 12+ years. There are a few aspects of life at TOTS that stand out for me: (1) high quality of the nursing and PSW care. as well, someone always contacts me if there are any questions or concerns about my father's health or care needs. (2) the food. It's nutritious and delicious with just the right amount of sweets available. The dining room staff are flexible and always willing to offer my father a different meal item if he asks for something other than the two options available at each meal. (3) I am impressed with the type and variety of activities available to residents. And (4) the atmosphere is welcoming and inviting. I highly recommend taking a tour of TOTS if you or your family member are considering retirement living.

Martha Lunz

Chartwell Terrace On The Square is an excellent residence filled with caring and knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend this residence and believe we're very lucky to have them in our community!

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