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Chartwell Royal Marquis Retirement Residence

590 Grand Marais Road East, Windsor, Ontario N8X 3H4

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Mary Anne Bindner

Over the years I have had the opportunity to witness first hand the caring of the Wellness staff and their fearless leader, Jasna. The staff has given my aunt excellent care, and even in these trying times, they have gone above and beyond in their daily work. Being the head honcho is not an easy job, add COVID to the mix, and the job becomes even more challenging. Anne Marie seems to have taken all this in stride, and as my aunt has said on several occasions, "She always seems so calm". Fun and activity should be integral facets of daily life. Thanks to Gloria's efforts, the residents enjoy a variety of activities and themed events. Her dedication underscores her enjoyment of he job and how much she cares for the residents. The role of receptionist is often under appreciated. After two days of travel, it is so nice to get a warm welcome. I have seen these women interact with my aunt, and I know she appreciates their kindness. The same can be said of the servers in the dining room and the members of the housekeeping team. They are friendly, courteous and helpful. During those early months of the pandemic, I was very grateful that my aunt was safe and in good hands. The entire staff handled the COVID protocol very professionally, and as a result of these precautions, the residents and staff were kept healthy and safe. Kudos to the staff of the Royal Marquis!

Peggy Hickson

I am Peggy from Grato Gifts. I’m a vendor here as well as many other retirement homes. The Royal Marquis is one of my favourites! The staff is so friendly and accommodating. You can tell the residents are happy ,the come down in pairs or more,they are laughing and having fun’! Anne Marie Millette makes sure everyone has what they need and want, they love her, she is warm and friendly. Gloria does a great job making sure there is lots to do , she has a fun sense of humour. It’s definitely home for the people who live there!

Colleen and Bev Porter

We would like to express the excellent quality of care for our dear mother who recently passed on. We are saddened that we will not be seeing the loving caring staff and management that ensured that my mom was well taken care of. Anytime there was a concern the staff were so accommodating to help/assist my mother. A special shoutout to Melissa, Jasna, Anne Marie, Susan, Lou Anne. Natalie and other support staff who went over and above in their loving caring manners in providing exceptional care for my mom. My mom loved the activities especially 'bingo' and playing euchre/cribbage with her friends especially Lois. She always had friends to talk to which made our jobs easier as we could not be with her everyday but felt reassured that she was in the best care /setting . We cannot thank you enough for your compassion and dedication to treating my mom as a family member. FOREVER GRATEFUL to all the staff and residents -you are the best!!!!!!

Mary Sauerwein

I would just like to say how amazing staff and management have been to my father and how they take the ease out of caregiving for me. I would never be able to give my father the best possible care without these wonderful amazing people. When there is an issue with my father together they work as a team to resolve any issue whether it be medical or personal. When I have a question or concern about my father it gets taken care of asap. The quick response I have always received is incredible considering how busy they are especially with these crazy times. All staff are always accommodating, patient, compassionate and truly they love my father like he was their own its so beautiful to see and hear how they take care of him. They truly are caring people, thank you again to all Staff and Management you make a great team but most important you all work together to keep Royal Marquis a great and safe place for seniors. I love how they are always trying to involve residents in special activities the latest one is the outside garden how excited these seniors were to see those tomatoes growing !!!!and this also gives them a purpose to get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather. I could not have chosen a better place for my father. A huge THANK YOU AGAIN !!!!

Pam McAuslan

My parents have been at Royal Marquis for a couple of years and it has been a great fit for them. They have a spacious room with a large bedroom and a den. The staff has always been wonderful, but I have been particularly pleased with how well that everything has been managed throughout the pandemic. Thanks to all of the staff for taking such good care of them! Here's what my parents wanted to add to this review: "We are very thankful to be at Chartwell Royal Marquis. Ever since we’ve moved here, it’s felt like home. If we have a problem, as soon as we mention it, it’s basically taken care of. The people who work at Royal Marquis really care about the residents. And they’ve done a really good job during the pandemic. We’ve felt safe and the staff did everything that they could to keep us comfortable. We all received our flu shots and we’ve now received both doses of the COVID vaccine without a problem. Anne Marie is an A-1 manager and we appreciate her for how well she takes care of the staff so that they can be caring of the residents."

Susan Renaud

I would like to commend the managment and all staff members for an incredible job during this last year. My Mom has been a resident for 5yrs now and my family feels truly blessed to be fortunate enough that our Mom has had exceptional care in these unpredictable times of the pandemic. The staff at the Marquis have navigated their residents and family members with professionalism and compassion every step of the way. Our Mom has stayed healthy both physically and emotionally and we would not have been able to ensure this for her without them. Thanks to Chartwell Royal Marquis for their efforts not only with addressing the stringent safety measures but also the kindness they show to each and everyone of their residents. No matter how stressfull things get they always have a smile and encourage positive attitudes to all the residents and their families. Thanks to all !

Leslee Wilson

2020 was a very trying year for most, however, one blessing we had was that my parents were safely tucked away in the Royal Marquis – which I lovingly call “The Resort”. We couldn't ask for a better place for them to be. And my parents agree whole heartedly! My husband and I live in Panama and so it was very important for us to be able to touch base with my family and be able to see and talk with my parents. The internet didn’t work very well in my parent’s unit for a time, so Gloria Fiacco set them up in the lounge every Wednesday with the Ipad so we could facetime with them. Gloria then tried to set them up in their unit with Messenger, What’s App, Facetime... any programme where we could see them and talk. She worked endlessly with my parents, myself, IT... and was able to install these programmes on my parents’ ancient computer. (and she said she wasn’t really computer savvy!) She was phenomenal and we are ever so grateful to her. She was bound and determined that this was going to work because she knows how important it is for families to see each other during this time. I can’t even tell you how many hours she spent over the past many months doing everything possible for us to be able to communicate. It would take a few more pages if I were to fill you in on the amount of perseverance, the progresses, challenges and ultimate victory over social media that Gloria endured. She was truly amazing and I’m glad we all got to know her better throughout this process. I would also like to give kudos to all the staff at the Resort for their dedication to excellent infection control practices and protocols which enabled them to contain the outbreak so well. It is so easy for an outbreak to spread thru a care home and staff here did an extraordinary job making sure the residents' welfare and safety was first and foremost. So, from my family to yours.... a huge heartfelt THANK YOU!!

Halina Roznawski

My mother has lived at Chartwell Royal Marquis for almost 6 years and still loves it as much as when she first arrived in January 2015. Having come from a house in Forest Glade, she chose a one bedroom apartment which gives her the spaciousness for her full bedroom set and living room furniture, and allows us to enjoy our tea at the table in the kitchenette. At our initial tour of the Royal Marquis, we were met by Jasna who gave us a thorough and informative showing of everything that the Home has to offer. We were impressed with the friendliness and cleanliness of the Home, and still continue to be. Jasna and the Nursing staff remain receptive to our enquiries and respond promptly. Mom doesn’t play cards, trivia or bingo, but other social activities that Gloria arranges include crafts, shopping trips and day outings. In 2018 the “Movie Theatre” was completed and residents regularly get together to enjoy a movie (with popcorn of course). Prior to Covid-19, local entertainers & musicians visited approximately once per week and I know Mom always made sure she went early to get a good seat. The spiritual needs of residents who could not leave the premises for whatever reason was met by a local Priest who said Mass once per month and Communion was distributed bi-weekly. Another asset of this Home is the in-house Salon providing services (at a reasonable cost) such as hairdressing, manicures or pedicures. Up until the pandemic lock-down, Mom had not taken advantage of the salon, but it’s existence is especially appreciated now. The meals prepared by the kitchen staff are delicious and I and my family have personally enjoyed them when dining with Mom. Holiday meals to celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas are always open to family members at a very reasonable price. To celebrate Mom’s 95th birthday, we had a party for 30+ guests in the beautiful new Reception Room at no rental charge and were permitted to provide our own catering. I want to congratulate the Manager Anne Marie Millette and her staff for the work that they do - the smile on their faces, greeting Mom by her first name, the waitresses who know how Mom likes her portions, the receptionists who answer the same questions repeatedly or help her with the television remote control, the handy-man who adjusts her thermostat, the cleaning staff that change her linens, the nurses administering her medications, etc. etc. etc. It’s a wonderful team! Mom feels respected and part of the Chartwell Royal Marquis Family, and for this I am grateful. I’ve recommended this home many times and will continue to do so. They have worked extremely hard to keep the residents happy and SAFE during this difficult, unprecedented year.

Halina Roznawski

John Stearns

My mother has been a resident at your location in Windsor for 4 years now. Over that period of time her health has seen some downturns, but her spirits remain high because of the treatment she receives from the staff on a daily basis. She has nothing but praise for the staff there, and routinely tells me how happy she is to be living there. She loves the selection of books with large print in the library, and often tells me about which book she's currently reading. She also enjoys the meal selection that's offered to her every day, as well as the fact that she can order off the menu if the daily special isn't to her liking. The restaurant staff all know her by name, as do the front desk staff, medical staff, and anybody else working there. My family and I would like to offer our deepest thanks to the whole RM crew for the treatment she receives on a daily basis.

Caralle Hicks

I attended the Royal Marquis residence for respite care following hip replacement surgery. Most all aspects of my stay were superb. Meals were excellent with choices when needed. The only issue I had were a lack of service from the care giving team. I believe that this was due to one of the care givers moving out of town during this time. My room was lovely and the housekeeping staff was great! Thanks to all at the RM residence I came home after 2 weeks in very good spirits.

Sharon Diemert

My parents have been residents at the Royal Marquis for the past 7 months. They enjoy the comfortable, safe, friendly environment along with the activities and delicious meals. I think they are very happy in their new home. As an out of town family member, it is very important for me and my parents to spend as much time together as possible. I am grateful that I feel just as comfortable as a guest as they do as a resident in their new home.

Chris Gevaert

I have been providing presentations at Chartwell Royal Marquis. It is a very warm and welcoming atmosphere where staff and residents are welcoming. Gloria is a fantastic!

Geraldine and Ken McAuslan

The Royal Marquis is the best place we can be. Anne Marie is an A1 General Manager. She cares about the Residents and takes care of any concerns. The staff does a great job and they keep very busy. The food is nutritious and we enjoy the exercise, activities and music. This home is very clean and inviting.

christine colarossi

I am compelled to write a review regarding this particular Chartwell Royal Marquis retirement facility. My mother recently made the monumental decision to simplify her life by selling her family home of almost FIFTY years and finding somewhere she would be comfortable and could concentrate on her health concerns. We explored several retirement options and for a million little reasons, Royal Marquis was hands down the absolute BEST CHOICE. Not only was the staff from housekeeping to management courteous, which in most would be expected, but the level of dedication and commitment to service went above and beyond. To someone who is literally at a very difficult crossroad in their life, this place made every effort possible to comfort and address any concerns. In this day and age when EVERYONE is bound to social media, phone calls, other obligations, etc...we instead were made to feel like "WE" (my mother and myself) were their ONLY priority. What a rarity this is! Add to all of this, the residents were happy to help and reassure us with our decisions regarding this absolutely lovely establishment, which my mother can safely call "home." Thank you to everyone at Royal Marquis for making this an easy and welcome transition. Sincerely, the family of Elizabeth Bordignon.

Ruth Lavoie

I have lived at the Royal Marquis Retirement Residence for 8.5 years and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. The staff are great and very helpful. There are many activities to take part in such as bingo or cards and they have a bus for scheduled outings. The meals are very good as well

Sevda Barin

I was working as interpreter for a resident at Royal Marquis. I have such a wonderful experience with the team, the nurses, supervisors, managers, awesome kitchen team and all the great events and celebrations, prepared by the Royal Marquis staff and coordinators. Always being welcomed friendly with big and happy smiles. I appreciate all the wonderful care and help to my client and myself. I would like to Thank everyone at Royal Marquis for making the three years working together a pleasant experience. Thank You all very much. Royal Marquis is a place that I even love to visit after work to see the great people, who I love to call good friends.

Sue Olson

My mom recently moved to The Royal Marquis for a short respite stay following hospitalization. On her first day were walking around so Mom could check out the place, every staff member stopped us to ask if she was Norma. They said they heard she was coming and were happy to meet her. We then went to lunch. I cant tell you how delicious the food was! Susan was serving our table and made us feel right at home. Mom commented on how nice it was that everyone knew she was coming and stopped us to introduce themselves. Once lunch was finished Terry, a resident, came over to welcome mom. I can't even begin to tell you how friendly everyone was. We met with Lou Ann to complete the paperwork. She was so kind and took time to explain all the paperwork to mom, never rushing or pressuring her. Since then I have had the opportunity to meet most of the staff. Jasna made the transition of all of her medications + ordering supplies so easy! Gloria is so much fun! Mom is having a blast going to all the activities offered in house and even signed up for bowling! Margaret is amazing. She truly is a jack of all trades. She has been so helpful and offers to help out with whatever is needed. Mom is having fun joking around with her. Mom has been there for 3 weeks now. When she came from the hospital, her stay was purely respite. She was determined to become independent enough to return to her condo. She now tells us she wants to stay permanently! We are so relieved that Mom loves it there and we have the peace of mind to know she is being cared for. The staff are very respectful and professional. Mom is loving that she can go for a manicure and pedicure or have her hair done without having to ask someone for a ride. I truly cannot say enough about the Royal Marquis and it being mom's new home!

Amy Blok

Recently, I had the pleasure of coordinating with lifestyle and program manager, Gloria Fiacco, for a special event for the residents of this beautiful retirement home. Besides being a wonderful host, Gloria thoughtfully facilitated a well planned event and even catered our group with special treats and hot chocolate afterwards. When I visited this residence with my colleagues and choristers to spread some Christmas cheer, we were greeted with hospitality and excellent care was taken for every, and even the smallest of details, allowing us to execute a smooth performance for a very happy audience. Thank you Gloria for all of your help, and for making us feel so welcomed in your establishment. The residents seemed very excited to have us, and we look forward to working with you in the near future in making arrangements for future performances and what we hope to now be an annual event.

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