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Chartwell Ridgepointe Retirement Residence

1789 Primrose Court, Kamloops, British Columbia V1S 0B7

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Dustin Wright

I am the mailman at the Ridgepointe residence. The friendly staff and residents make it a favorite stop on my route. I am always greeted with the smell of something delicious cooking in the kitchen. The music is great too! When it comes time to retire Ridgepointe would be my top choice!

Debbie Harris

Our Mom, Lena, has been a resident at Ridgepointe for over 5 years. She loves that her suite has a panoramic view and is situated in a beautiful location in a quiet, safe neighborhood of Kamloops. Mom speaks so highly of all the staff, and thinks of them as family. We are so appreciative of how the staff went above and beyond, when she had some health concerns, and feel very comfortable knowing that she is in good hands. During these last two difficult years, everyone at Ridgepointe, under Jordan's leadership, worked especially hard to keep the residents safe and healthy. Now that restrictions have eased up, residents will be able once again to fully enjoy all the many activities offered, from movies, card games, music, bingo, crafts, outings, and scenic trips, to name a few. Lastly, Mom feels that Ridgepointe has bragging rights, to serving up the best meals in town.

Lori Cooper

My mom Joan loves Chartwell. She expresses how comfortable and happy she is. A beautiful complex, lots to see when you go outside for a walk, and inside, lots to do, sign up for, toe tapping music, parking for visitors, a safe environment, good food, and the staff are incredible. If you need some comfort always a member to lend an ear, or a cozy book to borrow, or a board game with friends. If you miss a meal, there is usually something that the kitchen can warm up. Healthy snacks, and sweet baking is always available in the lounge, wipe your fingers before digging through the library. Today is March 17, 2022 Happy Saint Patrick's Day. NOTE: I am looking forward to the new wing currently being built.

Lynn Plewes

Chartwell is amazing, the entire team is amazing! The words, “there is no place like home” describe this residence. After the loss of my dad this year, mom is “ok”. The quiet comfort, the wonderful residents and staff, have given mom the will to continue on.From her lovely apartment, mom is living her life. The enjoyable activities, the choice of outings, the availability to use the chartwell shuttle to and from appointments. Again, can’t thank you enough chartwell ridge point. Mom has the independence she wants, making her choices with her life, you all enable her! Thanks for the constant updates and newsletters Jordan, makes me feel not so far away.

Maureen Connolly

I am so glad my sister chose Ridgepointe for her home. "it's an amazing place" she always says. "Great food! The staff is upbeat, friendly, helpful ,and they go out of their way to make me feel special. I love it here." Every time I visit, the front desk folks makes me welcome and answer any question I have. The facility is spotless and has an ever-changing themed decor. Jordon, the CEO, ensures the residents and family are informed on events or changes at the facility. For me as caregiver, when I have a question or concern about my sister, Jordon knows the community resources and contact people and provides options and support. In a few years, I will be there!! I highly recommend this wonderful place!!!

Tracy Liesch

Chartwell Ridgepoint is an incredible place for the residents and their families. The staff go above and beyond to care for the residents and it truly feels like family there. My mom has lived here for 6 years and loves it. She says it truly is a home and everyone feels like family. We are so lucky to have such a kind, caring, fun, happy place for mom to live. She is starting to need a bit more attention and we cant say enough about how supportive everyone is. Thank you all so much for all you do for the people who live in your facility.

Lana Casavant

Where to start in giving my thanks to the team at the Chartwell Ridgepointe Retirement Residence...what an exceptional group of caring people. How do they remember everyone's names...even visitors...all the time!!! Their genuine caring attention to the residents is palpable and so appreciated. Mom lived in this loving environment for 2 years before we decided it was time for her to have more assisted living. We thank Jordan Amon and his team for delivering mom a wonderful home over those two years. We are so happy we chose Ridgepointe for Mom. We wish you all well and look forward to having Zoom calls now and then so mom can say hello. It feels to her and us like you are family. Thank you.

Lynn Plewes

Here we are 2021. I have left several reviews already, but here is yet again another. My parents have been residents at chartwell Ridgepointe for a while now and it has been the best move ever for them. The love care and individual consideration shown to mom and dad has really given them an atmosphere to thrive and enjoy their lives together. Recently, after a brief hospital stay my dad passed away.😢 My mom has been overwhelmed by the care compassion and love shown to her by the entire team at ridgepointe, as well as the residents. As family, even through these covid times, my heart is happy to know that mom is not alone on this new chapter of her life. A huge thank you to Jordan and your entire crew of exceptional people who make up the team. I know mom is safer there than anywhere else, that gives me such peace and joy. Keep up the amazing job Chartwell. Thank you sooo much💖💖💖💖💖


I have been a community support worker for 17 years. Ridgepointe Kamloops and its amazing staff are second to none. As soon as you walk through the doors you are greeted with a smile and a helping hand. It always smells like home because the kitchen staff are always cooking or baking something delicious to serve to the residents. We all know that these last few months have been hard on everybody but the staff at Ridgepointe made sure that the support workers felt welcome. They even went as far as providing us with our own staff room to store all of our PPE ( c/w cookies and beverages) . These are just a few reasons of many why Ridgepointe Kamloops is the best.

Lynn Plewew

Well, here I go once again screaming it to the world! Ridge pointe is such an amazing residence!! My parents have been there for 7 months now and I am so so happy with their choice. My parents now have a very joyful life, filled with days as busy as they want. Appointments no problem, outings to choose from, activities, beautiful surroundings and then there is the people who make it all happen. WOW***** A cruise ship on a foundation. One long beautiful adventure. Oh, did I mention FOOD ? Chef Chris and his crew keep everyone happy with their varied menus. Recently my father had a mishap, ended up in the hosp. The manager Jordan and his team were there, so accommodating helpful, and supportive! Anything we asked of them, they managed to make happen. Amidst all this covid crisis, the management and staff still remain cheery, positive and so so helpful. Thank you to all of you special people, and thank you for all you do, every day. I also appreciate the emails from Jordan, who even though he is so busy with the covid 19, sends regular updates to us, the families, to ensure we are in the loop as things change. This residence is #1 !!!

Judy MacIntyre

During the extreme challenges of the covid19 outbreak, I have been so thankful that my parents have found their home at Ridgepoint. They are cared for as I would like to be cared for. Recently, one of my parents required hospitalization. All of those who are part of the staff and support at Ridgepoint have made sure to facilitate bringing my parent back home. This has caused the 14 day isolation to be instituted for them, which makes more work for the staff. They were eager to assist with having my parents reunited and supported during this difficult time. Because of the exceptional attitude shown by ALL that work there, I would strongly recommend others who are thinking about moving into some form of independent living, but with all the plus’s of a cruise ship experience..... Come check them out. It may be the best decision you will ever make to having less daily responsibilities and more time to socialize and enjoy living. My sincere thanks to ALL who work at CHARTWELL RIDGEPOINT!

Lynn Plewes

Chartwell Ridgepointe is the most wonderful residence!! The caring staff are like extended family! Amazing, over the top people who really care. They care for each individual who comes into the residence. We recently had a family dinner there, guests from age 6 to 65. Chartwell made our day there a dream. Chef Chris and his wonderful staff went to the moon with the amazing meal! They made up special menu for our dinner party, catering to the children and also gluten free guests! Cannot say enough about the facility, staff or residents. A huge bouquet to you all, and a heartfelt thank you for all you do every day. You make our parents and every resident feel free to enjoy every day .THANK YOU💖💖

Debra Topolnisky

My mom Mary has been a resident for almost 4 years and has been very pleased with Ridgepoint. She has had some health issues and the staff have always been accommodating by taking her meals and making sure she is okay. This is not a full care facility but they sure look after their residents. The staff is amazing! Thank you for all you do!

Monica Cooper

Our father has resided at Chartwell for 3.5 years. The staff have been very kind and welcoming - especially Andrea and Tonishya. When there has been an issue staff have contacted us immediately. The accommodations are clean and he has enjoyed his social time and meals. Thank you.

Brad MacDonald

I must add a second review. During a visit with Mom last month, we went down for dinner and it was a very busy night. Julie introduced herself and was looking after our table this evening. As she was taking our orders, there was a little bit of confusion at a couple of tables close by with regards to the reserved signs. Without getting into the details, Julie, being new, did a wonderful job staying composed and helped to sort out the situation. Stuff like this you have to share ! Good for you Julie. My Mom has since mentioned what a nice addition Julie has been to the staff. see you again soon.

Lori Weissbrod

My mom moved to Ridgepointe 6 months ago. It was a bit of an adjustment but she seems to be adjusting well. The staff are friendly and helpful especially Lori who of great assistance when choosing a suite and moving in. I visit often and everyone is friendly from staff to residents. I enjoy visiting and going on outings with the residents. I'm glad my mom is in Ridgepointe as she can get the assistance she needs but still live independently.

Brad MacDonald

My Mom moved into Ridgepoint just over a year ago and has never looked back. The staff and residents both, were over the top welcoming her to her new home. It also helped that she ran into some old friends who already live here. It is hard to move out of a house you have been in for many years ........ but my Mom felt comfortable almost right away. She loves it here! All of the staff, to many to name them all, are all fantastic. I stay with Mom often and feel the same. Some names I hear my Mom mention a lot are Debra ( who she says spoils her ), Amanda, Andrea, and Diane. Thank you !! All of you !!! for providing a fun, safe place for my Mom and many others to live. It is truly appreciated.

Mike Murtha

We visit and stay in the guest suite regularly and have to got to know the staff and numerous residents over several years. Staff are cheerful, friendly and helpful and seem to genuinely enjoy working at Ridgepointe. Services are excellent, especially the shuttle bus. The residence is attractive and well appointed. Meals are generally good. The residents I chat with are very positive about living at Ridgepointe. Ana and her team are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

Patti Erickson

My father moved to Chartwell Ridgepoint in Kamloops a year and a half ago. We have found the staff and services to be exceptional and beyond our expectation. We appreciate the wide variety of activities every day, excellent and nutritional meals, and friendly and courteous staff. A huge thank you goes out to Pam, the recreational coordinator, for her genuine and warm and caring personality, her great enthusiasm, and for all of her time and effort she puts in to deliver a wide variety of activities and monthly outings. Pam, you are wonderful!

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