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Chartwell Oxford Gardens Retirement Residence

423 Devonshire Avenue, Woodstock, Ontario N4S 0B2

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Susan Harrison

When my mother moved into Oxford Gardens many years ago she was an extremely active senior. Several years ago her health & mobility declined drastically. Since then we have been very impressed with the Oxford Gardens staff and in particular the Wellness group that has provided services enabling our mother to live well and still enjoy this wonderful residence. Many, many thanks to Ann King and her team.

Peg Lowndes

With a welcoming atmosphere, good food, and a variety of activities in which to participate, the transition to retirement living is being made so much easier through the kindly helpfulness of Jeff and the compassionate and happy staff team at Oxford Gardens. Many thanks.

Barbara Owen

Sincere thanks to Jeff Rikley for his kind assistance in making the change from home life to retirement living a comfortable transition. Comfortable suites with caring, friendly and compassionate staff to look after residents. A monthly calendar offers many activities and entertainment choices. And excellent meals in the dining room. Merci!

Dennis Pritchard

Staff are great,facilities excellent,food couldn't be better. Managers have cooperated totally with any financial issues. They have a on going list of entertainment/activities for residents.

Janice Kirwin

As a Senior Move Manager I have had the pleasure of assisting new residents with the transition of moving from their homes of many years into a beautiful new suite. The retirement residence really feels like a warm community from the time you meet with Jeff Rikley their Sales Consultant who makes everyone feel so welcome. The building is kept immaculate and the suites are large and bright. When you walk by the dining room at meal times you hear lots of lively conversations and happy faces. I would highly recommend Chartwell Oxford Gardens to anyone who is looking for a retirement home for themselves or one of their loved ones.

Sally Bradley

My Mom started residing in Oxford Gardens almost 3 years ago. She did this move under protest but her health was failing and she had mid-moderate dementia and was always forgetting lots of important things like when to take her medications. Right away I had the confidence in the Oxford Gardens staff. They always encouraged her and spoke to her when passing in the hallway. My Mom has now recently moved to a nursing home and even though she did not want to move from her home to Oxford Gardens in the first place, now she is sad she is leaving. She said it felt like home and she really liked it. I want to thank and congratulate the staff at Oxford Gardens for the detailed attention they gave to my Mom. They always took the time to give attention to detail and when we had concerns they would always take the time to explain the issue. I want to thank them for supporting me with the challenges I had with my Mom and her health. They were always there to ask how things were and always lend a helping hand or a ear to listen and offer support. For that I will always be grateful! Thank you to Chantel and her nursing/psw staff in the West wing... you guys are amazing and I will miss our talks and the laughs that we sometimes had. The care that you provide to the residents of Oxford Gardens is second to no one. Be very proud of the job you are doing. Thank you again from my Mom and myself.... you will never know how special your care was at this time in our lives. xo

Neil Ross

Picture this. My mother lived in Ontario for 86 years when my step-father passed away. Mom decided to move from Ontario to be closer to me in Calgary. For 3 years, Calgary was her home. Then my circumstances changed and Mom had to decide to stay in Calgary or move to Woodstock to be closer to my sister. After making a tough decision to move back to Ontario at age 89, we now needed to find the right place for Mom to live. My sister recommended Oxford Gardens because of its many ameneties and because its beautiful gardens. I made several inquires. Jeff from Oxford Gardens provided all of the information we needed to confirm Oxford Gardens was the right place for Mom to make her new home. Jeff is incredible. Every issue or challenge we faced, Jeff showed a can do attitude to keep us moving forward so that we could make the transition from Calgary to Woodstock as smooth as possible. I cannot say enough positives about Jeff and the Oxford Garden staff. They are all professional and a pleasure to work with. Mom truly is in good hands which is a huge relief to me back in Calgary.

Scott Gould

Oxford Gardens is home to many people I know and care for. They all report that their experience at Oxford Gardens has been very positive and they would not want to be anywhere else at this time of their lives. Staff are kind and courteous. Community involvement has been appreciated and the partners Oxford Gardens has established puts them above the others. Thanks to all you do for all the residents I care for they all feel at home with the help you provide.

Sharon Horton

In November of 2018, I became concerned for my Family member's welling being because he had lost a substantial amount of weight over a very short period of time. Everyday activities began to become a bit of a challenge. I began to worry about things like him managing steps in his old unit and that he might fall with no one being there, Simple things like using the oven, getting out to buy groceries and getting the mail seemed more of a challenge than they used to be. Staff at Oxford Gardens made the transition to his new way of independence very easy. As a Family member, I am no longer worrying. Staff encourages everyone to get up, get dressed and have three healthy meals a day. I see a much healthier man (who was once a bit of a loaner) now sitting at a table and eating his meals with newfound friends. He once walked the trails outdoors but now he walks through the hallways. I don't have to worry about him getting lost in the woods somewhere. Staff address him by name. I just can't believe the difference in such a short time. Kudos to all of the staff at Chartwell Oxford Gardens. Seems like one big happy Family who genuinely care about everyone's well being. I would highly recommend Oxford Gardens.

Corine Ouellette

I found the staff very friendly and helpful. I enjoy choosing my activities every day from the monthly calendar.If you are sick, staff are regularly checking on you and care for all your needs. Being here has helped me stay healthy and active while recognizing my health care concerns. This also helps my family not worry about me. I really enjoy our H.O.P.E program assisting others in the community through fundraising and helpful events. I love Oxford Gardens because I feel at home!! I love the craft programs, outings, shopping in and out of town and lunch outings!! I would highly recommend anyone to give it a try!! I did , and I love it!!

Gerd Emmerich

After my wife's passing my son and daughter in law arranged my moving in to Oxford Gardens. Being married for almost 68 years I found it very difficult to function. In fact I don't know how I managed to go through the first few month. With the caring and so very helpful staff as well pleasant surroundings I could not have found a better place myself. The food is excellent and so are their people here So thank you Oxford Gardens and my son for finding this place, I could not have done better myself.

Joan & Joe Dufton

We are 87 & 85 years old and have chosen Oxford Gardens because living at home in Bracebridge was a concern for our family. For them it was a great distance for family to visit and be available for emergencies. They were concerned about the maintenance of our home ,stairs, and isolation during the winter months. Driving in bad weather,meal preparation and getting to appointments were also a concern. Family currently nearby and found Oxford Gardens to be their choice. For us we have found our home to be the right choice and feel settled here. We enjoy the people, staff are pleasant, caring and very helpful. We enjoy the recreation opportunities, entertainment, and dinner outings!! This is our home and we feel safe!! We would highly recommend Oxford Gardens to family and friends! When comparing with our home finances in maintaining a home and staying here, we found Oxford Gardens to be financially viable and cost effective.

Colin and Barbara Cope

We chose Oxford Gardens as our preferred retirement residence several years ago when we were on our township's Health and Wellness Committee. We just did not know how soon we would need it. Our sons were delighted with our choice and thanks to Jeff, we were able to move in when we needed to. He also provided us with helpful information for our transitional consultant who made our move very smooth. Chantal and Sara provide many activities to stimulate brain and body. The whole facility has great staff and we are so pleased to be here.

Joan Steinback

The family festive luncheon meal was hot and tasty. The staff were very efficient and kind. The visit from Santa and the entertainment was lovely. The decorations were beautiful. Thanks for spoiling us!

sybil chandler

I have a very comfortable life here and feel secure and safe - I am very happy that the staff are friendly , helpful and always ready to listen to our concerns.

Judith Chandler

My mother, Sybil Chandler, has been living at your attractive, wellmaintained residence for several years now and she is very pleased with the services that you provide. However, there is presently one thing lacking. Mom would very much like to be able to contact her family members and friends by email but your computer has been out of order for several months. She has mentioned it to the people there but nothing has been done, so I told her I would contact you. Please let me know when it is back in working order. Thank you. Judith Chandler

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