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As the days get shorter and the weather turns cooler, it’s important for older adults to stay socially engaged with friends and family and ... Continue Reading >
The digital divide among generations is growing smaller. A 2017 American Pew Research Center survey showed that Internet use among ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Health and Wellness
It’s never too late to learn. That was the theme of the day at Chartwell Westmount Long Term Care Residence in Kitchener, Ontario, where ... Continue Reading >
In Ottawa, researchers from Carleton University and the Élisabeth Bruyère Research Institute have developed a variety of smart tools and ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Health and Wellness
Advances in technology offer promising new ways to improve diagnosis, care and quality of life for people living with dementia and their ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Health and Wellness
Situated in the heart of Toronto’s beautiful High Park neighbourhood, distinguished by its lush green parks, sporting and cultural ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Active Living
The popular image of the successful entrepreneur might be the flip-flop wearing millennial plugging away at his laptop in Silicon ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Advice for Seniors

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