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Excerpt: A balanced diet of nutrient-dense, whole foods nourishes and supports the mental, emotional, and physical health of older
Excerpt: During the pandemic, some people have gained weight, consumed too much alcohol and suffered from anxiety, depression, or sleep
Older adults choose the lifestyle in a retirement residence for many different reasons. Some want to live in a social atmosphere where it’s
Excerpt : Spring is a wonderful time for older adults to eat locally-grown vegetables and fruits in season, packed with nutrients to
Excerpt : Being proactive about preventing and detecting cancer early when it is most treatable is especially important during the
Excerpt: Normal aging of the immune system and underlying medical conditions can make older adults more susceptible to respiratory
Excerpt: Older adults who eat a variety of healthy, nutrient-dense superfoods promote better brain, heart, and muscle health. Preserve
Excerpt: Mind-body activities and techniques offer special advantages for older adults in promoting self-care and healthy aging. Studies
Excerpt : People have enjoyed drinking tea since ancient times and modern research reveals a wide variety of health benefits. Tea
Canada’s new Food Guide* is refreshingly different because of its emphasis on healthy eating behaviours and enjoyment of food, and
Excerpt: One-third of older adults are at nutritional risk due to lack of appetite, reduced taste and smell, eating alone and medication


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