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Excerpt: Older adults need to be proactive in addressing pandemic-associated risks that can make early detection and control of type 2
Excerpt : Spring is a wonderful time for older adults to eat locally-grown vegetables and fruits in season, packed with nutrients to
Excerpt : Being proactive about preventing and detecting cancer early when it is most treatable is especially important during the
Excerpt: Practicing kindness and patience can help individuals and communities cope better with pandemic challenges and overcome pandemic
Excerpt: Normal aging of the immune system and underlying medical conditions can make older adults more susceptible to respiratory
Excerpt: Older adults who eat a variety of healthy, nutrient-dense superfoods promote better brain, heart, and muscle health. Preserve
Excerpt: Belonging to a supportive, caring community has a positive impact on an older adult’s physical and mental health in good
Are you considering whether a retirement residence may make your life better, and you’re searching for one that can also accommodate your
Excerpt: Research studies show that emotional vitality nourishes and helps restore physical health throughout life. People can cultivate
Excerpt: Cultivating gratitude is good for physical health, promotes better sleep and protects people from stress and depression.
What is “active living,” and why is it so important to seniors? Many of us think of active living as the simple act of incorporating
Excerpt: Research studies have found wisdom is associated with better physical and mental health, and greater happiness. High life


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