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10 Results for Search: Retirement Living Myths

In a recent blog , we talked about how seniors choose retirement living based on a combination of “head” and “heart” reasons. Some of; ... Continue Reading >
Seniors choose the lifestyle in a retirement residence for many different reasons. Some are purely functional—decisions made from “the; ... Continue Reading >
Have you decided that a retirement living lifestyle would make life happier, healthier and more fulfilling for yourself or a loved one? Now; ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Finances
March is National Nutrition Month, a great time to take a look at your eating habits. Seniors have unique nutritional requirements —and; ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Health and Wellness
“I want to stay active in my retirement years.” It’s a goal that many of us strive for as we age. Keeping mentally and physically fit,; ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Active Living
LEIGH COSTELLO, SALES CONSULTANT AT CHARTWERLL SINCE 2013 CHARTWELL PEMBROKE HERITAGE “There’s nothing more satisfying than; ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Life at Chartwell
Financially planning for retirement requires a great deal of attention and patience, but when done correctly, it can make life easier for; ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Finances
Finances are some of the biggest considerations to make when retirement planning. Seniors living in retirement communities may be searching; ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Finances
Depression affects a large number of Canadian citizens each year, many of whom are over the age of 65. According to the Canadian; ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Health and Wellness

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