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Ask any person what it means to age well and no doubt their response will include enjoying good physical health. The comprehensive; ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Health and Wellness
Are you or a loved one considering whether a move to a retirement community may be a beneficial lifestyle change? If you’re wondering; ... Continue Reading >
It’s a big decision. Is the lifestyle in a retirement residence the best option for you or a loved one—and is the timing; ... Continue Reading >
Spring is a symbolic time of renewal, and an ideal time to contemplate our health and well-being. For some, it may even be the right time; ... Continue Reading >
Is 2019 the year you’ll be considering moving into a smaller home? An apartment? A retirement residence? And is that thought potentially; ... Continue Reading >
Sometimes, a kind word from a loved one or a game of chess with a close friend is all that’s needed to make you smile and lift your; ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Active Living
Shirley Cook, age 84 At Chartwell Since 2014 Though Shirley has been living at her Chartwell retirement residence in Whitby for; ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Advice for Seniors

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