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Have you decided that a retirement living lifestyle would make life happier, healthier and more fulfilling for yourself or a loved one? Now; ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Finances
You’ve done your research and determined that a move to a retirement residence would be a beneficial lifestyle change for yourself or; ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Finances
In the over 30 years I have worked with and on behalf of older adults and their families, countless times I have witnessed families; ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Advice for Caregivers
Are you or a loved one considering whether a move to a retirement community may be a beneficial lifestyle change? If you’re wondering; ... Continue Reading >
It’s a big decision. Is the lifestyle in a retirement residence the best option for you or a loved one—and is the timing; ... Continue Reading >
When your parent or aging loved one gets to the point of needing more daily support to live well, do you assume they will be moving in with; ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Advice for Caregivers
Adult sibling relationships can bring much joy into our lives; and—for some—they can also bring pain and disappointment. In my experience,; ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Advice for Caregivers
It was easy when we were little—when “Do you want to be my friend?” often counted as an acceptable first introduction. Then school and work; ... Continue Reading >
As an adult child, having conversations with a parent about their finances can trigger difficult emotions. You may approach them because; ... Continue Reading >
When I ask people whom they think will help them when they get older, without hesitation most answer “my children.” It’s true that adult; ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Advice for Seniors

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