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Excerpt: Supporting and connecting meaningfully with someone living with dementia can make a vital positive difference and help overcome ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Advice for Caregivers
Excerpt: It’s important to challenge a common stigma, which assumes people living with Alzheimer’s disease can’t enjoy quality of life ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Health and Wellness
Excerpt: Common misconceptions about Alzheimer’s disease stand in the way of understanding the disease and helping those affected. Learn ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Health and Wellness
If you have a loved one who is living with dementia, you may be exploring options to get them the support they need to live safely and with ... Continue Reading >
Brain Awareness Week*, held from March 11-17, is a global campaign that highlights the progress and benefits of brain and memory research. ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Health and Wellness
Optimism about life and a positive view of aging are both very good for your health. A positive attitude and resilience to overcome ... Continue Reading >

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