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Older adults who read books regularly for pleasure live an average of two years longer than those who don’t read books at all, and ... Continue Reading >
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Older adults report higher levels of happiness and well-being in their daily lives than younger adults, according to a Journal of ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Health and Wellness
A vista of rich red and gold colours, the comfort of a delicious harvest meal, and a cornucopia of activities to choose from—there’s ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Health and Wellness
Optimism about life and a positive view of aging are both very good for your health. A positive attitude and resilience to overcome ... Continue Reading >
Are your retirement years really the best of your life? “Yes!” says a 2016 Merrill Lynch/Age Wave report on leisure in retirement. ... Continue Reading >
June is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Older adults are at the highest risk for traumatic brain injury (TBI) of all age groups, says ... Continue Reading >
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For some, heritage can play an integral part in reaching one’s goals throughout life. Recently, Chartwell Eau Claire Care Community did ... Continue Reading >
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Dehydration happens when your body loses too much fluid. Although dehydration can occur at any age, older adults have an increased chance ... Continue Reading >
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