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The holidays are coming, and while our celebrations may look different this year, the need to stay connected with our senior loved ones remains constant—and maybe even more important right now.
As the days grow shorter and people spend more time indoors amid the pandemic, depression among older adults could become more widespread this winter.
There’s no doubt that anyone over the age of 65 has lived through times of adversity and uncertainty, including the Great Depression and two World Wars.
“Should I wipe down my groceries?” “Is it safe to go to the doctor’s?” “Can I hug my grandkids?” are just some of the dilemmas we face every day.
Practicing mindfulness helps you live in the moment, directing your attention away from thoughts and feelings that increase anxiety and tension.
Many of us are now trying to figure out how not to succumb to “COVID fatigue,” not a physical symptom of the virus, but an emotional symptom.
In the first few months of the pandemic when we were all hunkered down, almost everyone was focused on responding to the situation at hand.
Public health experts are concerned months of isolation and physical distancing could potentially trigger mental health issues, like depression and anxiety, for some Canadians living under COVID-19 restrictions.
Keeping your mind and body active through stimulating activities can help you get through physical distancing, while strengthening your immune system and building resilience.
Anxiety disorder is more common than depression in older adults, but often goes unrecognized.
Savouring even the smallest of joys daily lowers the risk of heart attack, angina and stroke, helps people cope with arthritic pain, and reduces frailty in older adults.
‘Tis the season of giving—giving back that is! Many people love to help their communities at this time of the year, often donating to their favourite charity.

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