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Anxiety disorder is more common than depression in older adults, but often goes unrecognized.
What is “active living,” and why is it so important to seniors? Many of us think of active living as the simple act of incorporating physical activity into our daily routines—a critical component of healthy aging—but it’s actually much more encompassing than that.
Hypertension is the most common reason for Canadians to visit a doctor and it increases the risk of stroke, heart attack and kidney failure.
Over 80% of adults experience back pain during their lives, but there are simple, effective ways to help prevent or alleviate sciatic nerve and other types of back pain.
Depression is the most common mental illness in older adults, but it’s often overlooked.
Older women who are physically active each day can improve their health and longevity, even if they start later in life. Age-friendly activities such as tai chai, yoga and brisk walking can ease depression, improve balance and protect against heart disease and stroke.
Dancing has wide appeal for many older adults because of their positive memories and experiences at a younger age. Dancing bolsters physical and mental health by helping to prevent falls, improve posture and flexibility, lift mood and ease anxiety.
The idea of increasing health span by extending a person’s healthy years and delaying or shortening the period of disability is fundamental to healthy aging. Studies show that preventive medicine and an active, healthy lifestyle can help older adults reduce the risk of chronic illnesses and lengthen their health span.
Spring is an opportune time for older adults to get active outdoors. Walking, gardening and doing other physical activities outside are good for your physical and mental health, and these provide additional emotional healing benefits through exposure to nature and sunlight. Staying hydrated, managing seasonal allergies and taking precautions to avoid too much sun exposure will allow you to enjoy outdoor activities safely and comfortably.
New brain and memory studies suggest practical ways for older adults to improve recall and help prevent memory loss. Drawing improves recall in older adults by involving multiple senses. Brisk walking and mind-body exercises such as tai chi, yoga and dancing can help improve memory in healthy older adults and people with mild cognitive impairment. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables regularly also protects against memory loss.
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