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Research studies show that emotional vitality nourishes and helps restore physical health throughout life.
A hug, pat on the shoulder and other forms of physical touch offer many health benefits, especially for seniors, who often get touched less often.
Older adults are at greater risk of developing pneumonia and its potentially serious complications because their immune systems change with aging.
What is “active living,” and why is it so important to seniors? Many of us think of active living as the simple act of incorporating physical activity into our daily routines—a critical component of healthy aging—but it’s actually much more encompassing than that.
The risk of getting shingles increases with age and after 70, half of those with shingles develop chronic nerve pain.
Emotional intelligence (EI) is associated with better protection against heart disease, as well as better management of type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions.
Research studies have found wisdom is associated with better physical and mental health, and greater happiness.
Who are the happiest people in Canada? According to a 2019 Leger Canadian Happiness Index report* that surveyed 3,540 people from across the country, the happiest Canadians are:
Mind-body activities and techniques offer special advantages for older adults in promoting self-care and healthy aging.
Common misconceptions about Alzheimer’s disease stand in the way of understanding the disease and helping those affected.
The idea of increasing health span by extending a person’s healthy years and delaying or shortening the period of disability is fundamental to healthy aging. Studies show that preventive medicine and an active, healthy lifestyle can help older adults reduce the risk of chronic illnesses and lengthen their health span.

Ask any person what it means to age well and no doubt their response will include enjoying good physical health.

The comprehensive Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA)* recently confirmed that many seniors are doing just that.

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