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We are hardwired to spend time in our natural environment. It’s even got a name: biophilia, the concept that our connection to nature is a biologically driven need.
There’s no doubt that anyone over the age of 65 has lived through times of adversity and uncertainty, including the Great Depression and two World Wars.
“Should I wipe down my groceries?” “Is it safe to go to the doctor’s?” “Can I hug my grandkids?” are just some of the dilemmas we face every day.
Practicing mindfulness helps you live in the moment, directing your attention away from thoughts and feelings that increase anxiety and tension.
Many of us are now trying to figure out how not to succumb to “COVID fatigue,” not a physical symptom of the virus, but an emotional symptom.
More than half of Canadians say the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected their mental health.
Now, more than ever, we need summer—long, warm days, gardens in full bloom, and plenty of time to enjoy some fun activities with our social circles that will bring a sense of normalcy.
Public health experts are concerned months of isolation and physical distancing could potentially trigger mental health issues, like depression and anxiety, for some Canadians living under COVID-19 restrictions.
Emotional intelligence (EI) is associated with better protection against heart disease, as well as better management of type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions.
Depression is the most common mental illness in older adults, but it’s often overlooked.
Mind-body activities and techniques offer special advantages for older adults in promoting self-care and healthy aging.
It is admirable to be dedicated to providing excellent care for an aging loved one; however, it may be important for you to take a step back and examine if your role is affecting your wellness.

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