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Older adults who eat a variety of healthy, nutrient-dense superfoods promote better brain, heart, and muscle health
Congestive heart failure is one of the most common and serious forms of heart disease affecting older Canadians, and a leading cause of hospitalization.
Research studies show that emotional vitality nourishes and helps restore physical health throughout life.
Meditation and music are calming, transformative activities that can improve health in multiple ways.
Hypertension is the most common reason for Canadians to visit a doctor and it increases the risk of stroke, heart attack and kidney failure.
Dancing has wide appeal for many older adults because of their positive memories and experiences at a younger age. Dancing bolsters physical and mental health by helping to prevent falls, improve posture and flexibility, lift mood and ease anxiety.

Men have a higher risk of dying prematurely from chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer than women. But these conditions often can be prevented by making small, impactful changes in lifestyle. Older men can lower or manage their health risks by staying physically active, eating healthy foods, keeping a healthy weight, drinking in moderation and maintaining close relationships.

People have enjoyed drinking tea since ancient times and modern research reveals a wide variety of health benefits. Tea consumption promotes heart health by lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels, while protecting the brain and reducing diabetes risk.

February is Heart Month in Canada. As people get older, the risk of heart disease increases and about two-thirds of Canadians living with i ...
World Letter Writing Day on December 7 is a day when people from around the world will pick up a pen or pencil and write a letter. Expressi ...
Jacqueline L’Heureux Hart, 80, of Chartwell Monastère d’Aylmer in Gatineau, Quebec, knew by the age of 15 that she wanted to become a profes ...
World Diabetes Day is held on November 14, the birthday of Canadian physician Sir Frederick Banting, who co-discovered insulin along with C ...

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