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Advice for Seniors

Many of us probably feel that in the last few months we have been surviving, rather than thriving.
Many of us are now trying to figure out how not to succumb to “COVID fatigue,” not a physical symptom of the virus, but an emotional symptom.
‘Tis the season of giving—giving back that is! Many people love to help their communities at this time of the year, often donating to their favourite charity.
People often find that one of the greatest benefits of being in a couple is having someone with whom to dream about the future and to think through plans and decisions.
Are you and your spouse finding it difficult to get on the same page when it comes to your housing situation as you age?
In our society, it’s common to congratulate people for staying in their own home as they grow older.
Does a spring decluttering—or downsizing—spark joy in your life? For some, the answer may be a resounding “no.” If, however, you are a fan of organizing wonder-woman Marie Kondo and her “KonMari Method,” your response might contain more delight than disdain.
‘Tis the season for hearts and flowers and the power of love —which we all know makes us feel wonderful, both mentally, emotionally and phys ...
You may have recently explored retirement living and decided that the lifestyle would positively impact your life and help you maintain your ...
When I meet with my clients I always encourage them to think about how they will maintain choice, control and independence as they age—key a ...
Over the span of my career I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with thousands of Canadians about their retirement years. For many, this period ...
Is making the move to a retirement home the next big chapter in your life—or the life of a loved one you’re supporting? You’ve no doubt thou ...

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