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A balanced diet and active lifestyle are cornerstones of healthy senior living, and while most people recognize the benefits – lower blood
Alzheimer’s disease is poised to be the biggest senior health issue facing the global community in the coming years. According to the World
Having to be admitted to the hospital is rarely good news, but it is especially troublesome for older adults. Seniors often experience a
The Mediterranean diet, which places an emphasis on fruits, vegetables, olive oil and fish, has long been touted for its numerous health
Commonly referred to as “senior moments,” short lapses in memory are often seen as a lighthearted side effects of growing older. However,
Strokes are one of the leading causes of death among the senior population, but even patients who survive are not in the
Heart failure is among the most significant health issues facing the senior community. According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, about
There’s no denying that social interaction is a cornerstone of healthy living. Isolation and loneliness have been tied to a variety of


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