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Excerpt: Dancing has wide appeal for many older adults because of their positive memories and experiences at a younger age. Dancing; ... Continue Reading >
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Older adults who read books regularly for pleasure live an average of two years longer than those who don’t read books at all, and; ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Active Living
Are you keeping up with what your children or grandchildren are doing on Facebook? Do you follow any favourite writers, politicians or; ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Active Living
Imagine living the first 16 years of your life being able to see colours, shapes and all of nature’s splendour, only to have your vision; ... Continue Reading >
Optimism about life and a positive view of aging are both very good for your health. A positive attitude and resilience to overcome; ... Continue Reading >
Is making the move to a retirement home the next big chapter in your life—or the life of a loved one you’re supporting? You’ve no doubt; ... Continue Reading >
Are your retirement years really the best of your life? “Yes!” says a 2016 Merrill Lynch/Age Wave report on leisure in retirement.; ... Continue Reading >
Wilmot Pattenden Resident Baker at Chartwell Park Place Aurora, Ontario The scent of freshly-baked goods often fills the; ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Active Living
Tags: heart health
As an older adult, you may find you’re in need of more support as you age— whether it be with activities of your daily routine, or with; ... Continue Reading >

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