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Public Health experts strongly advise that you accept the first COVID-19 vaccine that comes available and caution against the risks associated with waiting for a particular vaccine.
The good news is Canadians began receiving the first two approved COVID-19 vaccines in December.
Normal aging of the immune system and underlying medical conditions can make older adults more susceptible to respiratory illnesses in winter, including COVID-19
Good handwashing practices are vital to protecting your health and stopping the spread of COVID-19.
Flu and pneumonia shots for older adults are especially important this fall to protect their own health, the health of others and to keep the Canadian healthcare system from becoming overwhelmed in a pandemic.
Respiratory etiquette refers to rules and recommendations that people should follow to prevent or reduce the spread of respiratory illnesses including colds, influenza and COVID-19.
As the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to affect people around the globe
The human coronavirus is commonly spread through respiratory droplets in the air from a sick person, close personal contact, or by touching a surface with the virus on it.
Washing your hands properly and often helps protect you against coronavirus disease and prevents the spread of infection.
Flu prevention is especially important for older adults because their immune systems weaken with age and they’re at greater risk of serious health complications from the flu.
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