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Stats Canada reports that over half of caregivers felt worried or anxious because of their caregiving responsibilities, and about the same percentage felt tired during the past 12 months.
It seems a universals practice for people to focus on the loses associated with aging, rather than the benefits.
We all deserve to feel safe and supported as we age, and I believe retirement living can really empower people to spend their later years in comfort and happiness.
Recent decades have shown that your home is one of your most profitable investments.
If you’re considering moving into a retirement residence, you’re likely wondering how far your money will go.
I still often think of my Uncle John, who lived to the robust age of 95. Although I can’t imagine how he could have lived longer, I do wonder if he could have lived better in his later years.
It can be difficult to make the transition from saving to spending, especially when that money is being spent on yourself and what you need to live well in your retirement years.
When you first hear how much your local retirement residence costs per month, you may automatically assume you can’t afford it—however, there may be some key financial factors you haven’t considered which may make the lifestyle more achievable than you think.
Have you decided that a retirement living lifestyle would make life happier, healthier and more fulfilling for yourself or a loved one? Now that you understand the benefits, it may be time to understand the cost, including seeking advice on how the numbers are adding up.
You’ve done your research and determined that a move to a retirement residence would be a beneficial lifestyle change for yourself or a loved one—but can you afford it? Determining affordability is the natural next step in your process of exploration, and for many people, it’s the right time to seek advice to understand how the numbers add up.
Are you the caregiver for your parents and are finding it frustrating that other family members aren’t doing more to help? If so, I’m going ...
As an adult child, having conversations with a parent about their finances can trigger difficult emotions. You may approach them because you ...

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