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Lower back pain becomes more prevalent with aging and professional medical guidelines recommend nondrug treatments as the most effective first line of treatment. You can help prevent back pain by practicing back-healthy habits, along with daily stretching and core strengthening exercises. Studies show yoga, tai chi, physical therapy, massage, and appropriate use of cold and heat therapies may ease lower back pain, speed recovery, and improve quality life.
Over 80% of adults experience back pain during their lives, but there are simple, effective ways to help prevent or alleviate sciatic nerve and other types of back pain.
Seniors choose to move to a retirement residence for many different reasons—and all expect to enjoy a worry-free lifestyle with the freedom ...
Low back pain affects up to 80% of Canadians at some point in their lives, says Bone and Joint Canada. It’s also the most common health pr ...
A 2018 study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that men in their 70s and 80s who did low-intensity physical activity for 30 mi ...
Physical activity is one of the most important aspects of senior living. Whether seniors are exercising along with a class or stretching fro ...
It’s no surprise that people who exercise regularly are in better health than those who don’t, but new evidence is emerging on just how bene ...

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