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Supporting and connecting meaningfully with someone living with dementia can make a vital positive difference and help overcome isolation in normal circumstances and in pandemic situations.
In the first few months of the pandemic when we were all hunkered down, almost everyone was focused on responding to the situation at hand.
Canadians have quickly become familiar with “physical distancing” as we continue to adjust to the new normal of COVID-19 prevention and control.
For residents of Canadian retirement communities, physical contact with family and friends hasn’t been possible or has been limited for several months due to social distancing restrictions to keep one another safe and flatten the curve.
The qualities of hope, optimism and positive thinking help people cope with life’s challenges while improving their overall health and longevity.
These are certainly strange and stressful times we are living in right now! None of us could have anticipated that things would change so quickly in our lives as we focus on containing the spread of COVID-19.
Today, we are more open about talking about our caregiving experiences, especially as the topic continues to receive more press
Anxiety disorder is more common than depression in older adults, but often goes unrecognized.
A hug, pat on the shoulder and other forms of physical touch offer many health benefits, especially for seniors, who often get touched less often.
If you’re considering moving into a retirement residence, you’re likely wondering how far your money will go.
It used to be that moving to a retirement residence meant moving to a single room, with few options as to layout or size.
Joan and Eddie MacMaster have three adult children: Michael, Joanne, and Gail. Michael lives about 15 minutes away from his parents and his sisters live in other provinces. Although still quite healthy, Joan and Eddie’s needs are increasing as they age. Michael stops in almost every day to check on them and provide what help he can.

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