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Martha Drexel of Chartwell Crescent Gardens in Surrey, B.C., and her granddaughter Kellie share a special bond. Spending time together ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Wish of a Lifetime
The digital divide among generations is growing smaller. A 2017 American Pew Research Center survey showed that Internet use among ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Health and Wellness
Discovering that you and your siblings have very different perspectives about your parents’ situation may be one of the most surprising—and ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Advice for Caregivers
A few months ago, we gave three reasons why older is better , including research that showed seniors are happier than their younger ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Health and Wellness
More than 30% of Canadian women aged 71 and older have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, compared to 6.4% of men, according to Statistics ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Health and Wellness
Summer is a time for fun, relaxation and enjoying walking, gardening or other outdoor activities. But for older adults, who are especially ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Health and Wellness
Chartwell and Wish of a Lifetime Canada have been busy fulfilling wishes over the last few months. Making dreams a reality for seniors is ... Continue Reading >
Spring is here and many of us may feel an urge to grow something green. If you don’t have a garden to tend at your house, condo or even ... Continue Reading >
Categories: Health and Wellness
There’s no escaping it—winter is here in all its frosty glory. Bundled up in bulky coats and carefully navigating icy sidewalks, many ... Continue Reading >
Situated in the heart of Toronto’s beautiful High Park neighbourhood, distinguished by its lush green parks, sporting and cultural ... Continue Reading >
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