Staying Active at 103: Marion's Inspirational Journey

There’s no denying that exercise is good for us and that even a moderate amount of regular exercise can yield both physical and psychological health benefits. Yet, one of the greatest misconceptions is that there’s a point in our lives when we must come to terms with our physical limitations. As a result, age often becomes a reason not to workout. Chartwell Crescent Gardens resident Marion proves this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Record-setting atheletic talent

Raised in the town of Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Marion grew up swimming from an early age. Ever since, athleticism has become deeply ingrained in her lifestyle. In fact, at age 95, she competed in the International Masters Swimming competition, resulting in a Canadian record for the breaststroke—but what’s really impressive is that she even won the 2nd fastest swimmer in her age group worldwide. As a retiree, Marion continues to set the bar high and show off her athletic prowess.

Another famous moment for Marion was her 90th birthday party. Surrounded by her loved ones, one of her family members convinced her to do the splits, and so she did for all to see! The amazing moment was filmed and remains on YouTube to this day. Watch the video here.

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Embracing living life to the fullest in a retirement residence

In September 2019, Marion moved to Chartwell Crescent Gardens Retirement Residence in Surrey, British Columbia, close to where her daughter lives. She describes how her happiness has not only increased since moving in, but her sense of personal safety. Marion loves the food served and deeply appreciates how her new home continues to adapt to her needs and preferences, empowering her to lead the active lifestyle she wants.

Today, at the age of 103, Marion is an avid fan of the on-site activities offered, including gymnastics, tap dance and ice skating. When she isn’t attending fitness classes, she also likes to go on picnics or scenic drives, participating in live music shows, and treating herself to manicures and pedicures.

Simply put, she’s one very active grandma.

If you ask Marion her advice on staying active, she says, “Just keep going and don’t stop.”

Her determination is an inspiration to all who know her and proves that age is only one factor in determining fitness. For many residents, retirement living helps them maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, thanks to a range of signature programs designed to help seniors lead the engaging and purposeful lifestyle they deserve. From fitness programs to help keep residents active, to recreational activities and social gatherings—such as bridge tournaments, knitting clubs and shopping trips—there is a multitude of entertaining things for residents to enjoy each day.

Learn more about our life enrichment programs and social activities here.

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