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Safety and Outbreak Prevention

Employee and resident health, safety, and wellness are essential.

Chartwell offers numerous programs, safety measures and benefits to foster a culture of health, safety, and wellness, guided by our Health and Safety Policy and in compliance with applicable provincial and local regulations. Our occupational health and safety program identifies hazards with the potential to impair human health and well-being and promotes a positive health and safety culture that empowers and enables our employees to work in a manner that keeps them safe from harm. The program also helps our employees to identify, consider, and effectively remove or reduce the risks associated with our work, always keeping in mind our residents' safety.

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  • Chartwell continues to work closely with Public Health officials and follow pandemic outbreak protocols and infection control practices to ensure that our residences are as safe as possible. We understand that trust is earned, and we strive to earn the trust of our residents, families, and the community through consistent, timely, and open communication.

    We provide a safe life and work environment to residents and employees by reinforcing safe behaviours, participating in expanded health and safety training, and wearing additional personal protective equipment (“PPE”). Chartwell also leveraged our existing flu season reminders and preventive measures to address COVID-19 precautions when needed.

  • Our COVID-19 health and safety efforts include:

    • Reinforcing and expanding our safety training programs and bolstering awareness of our stringent safety protocols to prevent the spread of the virus.
    • Securing a significant supply of personal protective equipment, including face shields, face masks and gloves, and ensuring that employees could access additional PPE as needed and complied with all PPE requirements.
    • Expanding the number of hand sanitizer stations at restrooms, reception areas, break areas, and facility entry points.
    • Maintaining a log of visitors, staff, and contractors with their time of entry to support contact tracing.
    • Internal Incident Management Team directing the implementation of all preventative measures.
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