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Chartwell St Albert Retirement Residence

18 & 20 Hebert Road, St.Albert, Alberta T8N 3Y6

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I visited Chartwell in St Albert .Its a beautiful Retirement center. Steven Krahn gave me the tour. His passion for working in that environment is evident. He really has a passion for his job. I would highly recommend Chartwell St Albert.

Donna Adams

My father is a resident at St. Albert Retirement Residence. Shortly after my mother had to move into a long term care facility, my father moved into St. Albert Retirement Residence . Angie spent a lot of time on the phone with me to assist with making the decision to move to St. Albert Retirement home and was very willing to answer all my questions, before and after the move. My father moved in during Covid and St. Albert Retirement home was able to provide a companion (shout out to Patrick) who helped. my father get through a very lonely period. He went above and beyond companionship assisting the family with communication and day to day tasks for my father. The staff are very friendly and courteous when we phone for any inquiries. They not only know my father but. recognize our family when we come to the building. The medical team has also been very attentive when required. We are more than pleased with the decision to move our father's care at St. Albert Retirement Residence and the care he is receiving.

Sunita Singh

Thank You Chartwell!! During this pandemic our residents had to use plastic plates and cutlery for a long time. We all know that there is a lack of staffing especially in long term care and nursing homes. However, the dining room staff made the impossible possible. Even though they were short staffed they went the extra mile to ensure that the residents had an amazing meal on actual plates. Thank you for your hard work and treating our residents like ur out families. Shout out to Anthony and his team!!! THANK U!

Marilyn Meaney

Just wanted to say hats off to the management and staff of Chartwell, St, Albert for keeping the Residents safe during this terrible time of the virus sweeping the World. We are more than grateful to them for all their hard work, dedication, and caring that they all show us. I am so Grateful to them all. Thank you to all from the bottom of my heart.

James E. Drummond

I have experience with family members and friends in different retirement / long term facilities here and in Ottawa over the years . Looking back over the years I do wish that I had the opportunity to place or recommend them to Chartwell St.Albert. Chartwell's goal is really about the residents. My previous experience was money was the main goal of the other companies in this business. Granted business is in business to attain a profit to survive, but Chartwell goal is to make a home for their residents with their management and staff . And I believe they are successful in this difficult business. Regards, Jim Drummond.

Joyce Bishop

As we search for a suitable retirement home for our mother we thought we would have a look at the Chartwell Residence in St Albert. This organization is represented by a gem - by the name of Caroline. They are very lucky to have her in their employ. I cannot say how appreciative we are of the time she spent with us. First off she was willing to meet with us in the evening as that was the only time our schedules (siblings) would allow. Other organizations we have attempted to visit have very rigids time slots for tours and were unwilling to accommodate us. Caroline answered all of our questions and offered suggestions as to how to navigate our search. Even though it was late in the day, she spent time with us, never rushing and never finding any question too trivial. If you are like us, looking for a good home for a parent and requiring a little guidance, I would highly recommend some time be spent with Caroline.

D McKinney

Both my parents lived at Chartwell St. Albert. Found the support staff to be amazing, compassionate, people. Unfortunately, could not say the same for the administration. Communication was a problem we had not experienced while it was Rosedale.

Deborah Somerton

Hello Chartwell. I am a resident here at the former Rosedale since July of 2016. I was never able to think of Rosedale as my home. The management just was not capable of being a welcoming commmite. Then Chartwell took over and everything changed for me. I began to see and feel the difference in management and the way issues were dealt with in a surprising manner. I thought about Chartwell and realized months after the buyout that Chartwell is now my home and Rosedale was just a place to sleep. Honestly that is how I felt. Now I am extremely confident that any matter, any issue is treated in a special way for each of us. And my confidence grows each day. My children are now happy that I now have a home. And Chartwell is directly responsible for my being involved with other resident's helping them and acknowledging the staff, including the kitchen and housekeeping by remembering their birthdays. Actually, I cajole them into giving me their birth dates!!! Anthony is an exceptional manager too . The nursing staff are exceptional too, admitedly I have my favorites. But that's OK. In essence, I LOVE CHARTWELL!!! Ola is awesome as is Candace and Lifestyle manager Alexandra. Wow, I have too much to say but only a few fingers. Ha Ha

Marilyn Meaney

To add to my comment I forgot to comment on the food. It is very good. The gentleman in charge of the kitchen , Anthony, is a very caring person when it comes to the taste and the service of our food. I cannot say enough good things about the taste and the service that is displayed by Anthony and all his kitchen staff.

Mariyn Meaney

I moved into this retirement residence in January of 2019, so I am a new resident but I love being here. The staff goes above and beyond to accommodate you, they are very professional and maintaining a friendly atmosphere, they treat you like you are family. They made me feel welcome and they treat me like I am a member of their family, and I guess I am because I am now a member of the Chartwell family. I would like to mention that Caroline Redington who is the retirement living consultant was a big part of helping me make my decision to live here. She gave me a tour and answered all my questions, she was very informative and helpful in meeting all my needs. Our new General Manager, Ola McIntosh is a very caring and compassionate person as well. Our Lifestyle and Programs Manager Alexandra and her assistant Karen are really great at their jobs and they treat us residents like family. In summarization I cannot say enough good things about my new home or the staff here, I could go on to mention every one but I will only be repeating myself on the excellency of this residence and the people that work here. I just love it here and I am very happy that I chose this home. When I walked in the door for a tour of the home, I said this is where I want to move, I could tell by the atmosphere that this was the place for me. I hope anyone that chooses this place in the future will feel the same way, how could you not?

Michelle Bergeron

C'est naturellement très bien. Une ou deux questions, cependant: 1. Les chiens sont admis? Y-a-t-il des conditions pour l'hygiène...2. Est-ce qu'il y a une célébration chrétienne durant la semaine (une messe)? 3. Quels commerces aura le Mail Cap Rouge? Merci.

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