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Chartwell Collegiate Heights Retirement Residence

95 Fauquier Avenue, Sault Ste.Marie, Ontario P6B 0A2

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Carol and rob Mcdowell

Dad had been here at Collegiate Heights for 4 years now. The staff has always gone above and beyond to take care of him , even when he didn’t think he needed it. Changes for his safety were always made with him in mind, dueling the covid challenges the staff were wonderful in trying to make residents safety was first and foremost. We were fortunate enough to say no one showed positive in this ho,me. They followed health unit recommendations to the letter. I would recommend this residence to anyone to feel secure that your loved one is cared for by staff who truly get to know them as people, not just as someone they have to do things for. Staff and management have been A1. Lloved it when during the initial covid shutdown , the sales manager became the barber for many of the men, my father in law being one of them . Great job and an important part of feeling car3d for and not abandoned . Thanks to all staff, nursing , maintenance, management for a job well done amd much appreciated.

Helen Gillespie

I am amazed about the care and diligence in this time of COVID-19. The staff are the best - it's not just about the physical and medical care but also the emotional balance. Thank you. Kudos!!

Renee Dello

I cannot say enough about how great the staff are at Collegiate Heights. I helped my Mom move in to Collegiate in July. The staff are super kind and welcoming. I feel very at ease that my Mom is well taken care of. The staff are super responsive when I have had any concerns and have been very welcoming for me to stay for visits. And I think the food is really good! My Mom is adjusting really well and I think a lot of it is thanks to the great people at Collegiate!

Leslie Russell

please see my review of 20/08/2018 first of all I have a question how do you count COWS ? I have now been at Collegiate Heights Retirement Residence for three and one half years, One of my sons in the Soo is moving to Florida. My other two sons live in southern Ontario. They have decided that I should move closer to them. My new home will be Chartwell Valley Vista in Vaughan Ont. I feel very sad about leaving Collegiate Heights. The entire staff has been the very best people to live with. They all take a personal interest in how you feel every day , and if you require anything they will see that your needs are taken care of. I have talked with other people not living here and recommended they look into moving here. It will be a sad day when I leave July 23/2019 both for me and the Staff and Residence. Collegiate Heights Retirement Residence (The best place in Sault Ste. Marie ) The answer to the above question I Use a COW culator. Have A Good Day.

Cathy Grant-McDowell

My Father Gord Grant has been at Collegiate for over three years now. He is happy healthy and enjoys his new home. Most importantly he is treated with respect and understanding by the staff from Management right on down. Everyone that I have dealt with really listens and does the very best they can to help. I feel comfortable that my Dad is getting the very best care and support. Collegiate is filled with staff who really take an interest in the residents and truly are wonderful with them. Thanks to everyone from a grateful daughter.

Leslie Russell

My Wife and myself moved into Collegiate Heights February 2016 . We settled in very quickly . I lost her 10 November 2016 . I said this will now be my home . Shortly after I had two melt downs on different nights . The night crew stayed with me the first night about one half hour until I settled down. on the next occasion the Lady stayed with me longer and even got me coffee . she stayed and talked until I was comfortable. The staff both night and day are very caring and make sure everything is okay before they leave. When I talk with other people I always recommend Collegiate Heights . This is truly a Retirement Residence.

Terri Howe

Over the last several months I have been faced with the responsibility of finding a retirement home for my 84-year-old father. I was prepared to bring him to southern Ontario to be close to my family, believing there wasn't adequate retirement facilities in the Soo to suit his needs. I had visited "Chartwell" facilities here in southern Ontario and had decided that Chartwell was not my Home of choice. I had secured a spot for him in a retirement residence here that was NOT Chartwell. On a recent return trip to the Soo to make a decision and as a "last resort" we made a visit to Chartwell Collegiate Heights, thinking it was going to be beyond his means and again facing my concern about "Chartwell". I can tell you beyond a doubt that had we missed out on seeing this beautiful home and the incredible facilities that Chartwell provides here at Collegiate Heights, it would have been the biggest mistake we could have ever made! Beyond the gorgeous landscape overlooking the city, the fabulous meals, warm and friendly residents, beautiful rooms, there is a staff here that has to be experienced to be believed! They have gone beyond the call of duty to make my dad comfortable and were tireless in answering our exhaustive questions. They have ALWAYS had a kind word to say and a constant smile on their face. Nothing is too much to ask. I could never say thank you enough to them for all they have done for us! They have absolutely "raised the bar" on Chartwell! My dad has only been here for three weeks but is easily adjusting to this change and is more than happy to call Collegiate Heights his home. (And may I mention that cost-wise Collegiate Heights was no more expensive than its competitor!)

Bumbacco Ann

My sister and I had concerns when moving.our 86 year old uncle to our city. He had lived in his own house in Hamilton for the last 50 years. Due to the death of his wife in 2004, no children, no relatives in his city, and declining health both physically and mentally, we feared he would not like the move. After being encouraged by medical personnel in Hamilton, we were very pleased,when after coming this past July, he adjusted rapidly to his new environment. The ENTIRE staff has been so welcoming and helpful to him. He loves that he sees people everyday, interacts with others at meal times, enjoys many activities and has a group that he can socialize with constantly. He tells us the meals are delicious (they certainly look so), the premises are always clean and peaceful and all staff are pleasant, helpful and courteous. With our uncle's easy transition and acceptance by both him and your team, we know this move was certainly the best decision we could make for him. We Thankyou and appreciate your continued care and support of our uncle Brian!

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