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Chartwell Manoir Kirkland résidence pour retraités

2, rue Canvin, Kirkland (Quebec) H9H 4B5

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Christiane Savard

Not sure why my below rating did not show up as 5 stars, It should be 5 stars. Thank you

Christiane Savard

My mother is 92 year old and suffers from severe osteo arthritis and anxiety, a recent fall resulted in her now being semi autonomous. Not sure were would be the best place for her we researched and visited many residences. My mother’s two brothers are in Chartwell residences in other cities and are very satisfied, so she was open to visiting the Manoir Kirkland. Soon after our visit and meeting Heidi Wise our search was over. She had the perfect apartment for her, Heidi’s quickly understood my mothers needs and insecurities and was able to meet all my mother’s expectation. We are very grateful to Heidi and to all at the Manoir Kirkland, everyone from the front desk to the dining room to the recreational and nursing staff are all so helpful and efficient. Thank you for making my mothers life beautiful.

Fil D'Urbano

I had the pleasure of meeting Heidi Wise at Manoir Kirkland and was extremely impressed and touched by the compassion she demonstrated for the elderly and how passionate she was about her work. She is extremely knowledgeable and was able to share important information and insights that put my mind at ease. She has very strong follow up skills and is extremely customer focused. I would highly recommend Manoir Kirkland and a meeting with Heidi Wise! I also had the pleasure of meeting the CEO and other Board Directors and I will add that I was never more impressed with the amazing leadership team behind this organization. This is a first class team, first class organization, first class service!

Karena Cobden

I reached out to The Manoir Kirkland the first week in October 2021, where I was warmly welcomed by Heidi Wise. She listened to my concerns and what I was hoping to find for my parents. And then said, “We can help you!”. I knew we were in good hands. A visit to the Manoir Kirkland that same day with my brother, we knew instantly that we had found my parents a new home. Heidi, along with the whole team, broke down barriers, and were ready for my parents’ arrival in a little over 2 weeks time. With thanks to Heidi’s recommendation of a trusted mover, the move was flawless. There is never a lack of warmth from residents and staff upon arrival, a helpful hand, and a listening ear. A huge shout out to Heidi for all her support in this transition for my parents. Thank you to Lisa and Chantale, who have demonstrated what amazing caregivers they are! A sincere thank you and heartfelt appreciation to the whole team at Manoir Kirkland! Your teamwork, kindness, and professionalism do not go unnoticed!

Dawn Longshaw

In the fall of 2019, I took my parents to meet with Heidi Wise at Manoir Kirkland to explore the potential of moving into a residence type setting. We all liked what we saw in the way of living spaces and amenities, and had a great lunch in the dining room, but they felt they ‘weren’t ready yet’ and wanted to stay in their home for a while longer. Then came COVID and the isolation that brought. Heidi kept in touch with me to check on how they were doing- as if they were her family too. In 2021, Dad was briefly hospitalized more than once. It was decided that the time had come to make the move and they became residents in September 2021. Move in day was seamless and from day one they have been welcomed by the other residents and made to feel at home. The staff are kind and caring as well as being helpful, responsive and very good at what they do; from the General Manager Marcel, to Elizabeth and others at the front desk, Suely the activities director, the hospitality team, the maintenance team Peter and Sheldon, the housekeeping staff, the medical support team and, of course, Heidi. Mom and Dad are making new friends, enjoying outings, entertainment and events, and getting up to dance every once in a while. It was a big deal to for them to leave their home of over 50 years but their life is richer, and safer, for being at Manoir Kirkland. My sister and I live on the West Coast so it’s a huge relief to feel that, that while our parents are still living independently at 90+ years of age, they are enjoying a lively and stimulating community supported by people who look out for them.

Marianne Zalai

Visited the establishment, liked it very much, the atmosphere, the apartments, the garden outside the building, the dining experience, will move in there as soon as possible.

Heidi Wise

This letter was sent to head office by one of our resident's family members. Names are eliminated for privacy reasons: Dear Mr Chartier In received your address from Mr Marcel Ababei when I requested somewhere to express my gratitude for the care my mother received over 13 years of residence at Manoir KIrkland in KIrkland Quebec. My,mother passed away in late April of this year at the grand old age of 104 years : still fully independent and alert ,social distancing on a friend,s patio with a glass of wine in her hand a day before her last acute illness.! My parents ( both aged 93 ) moved to Manoir KIrkland in 2008 when mobility and health issues no longer made living in their own home feasible. My mother chose Manoir KIrkland because she had been a “ Meals on wheels “ volunteer servicing the location and always liked the atmosphere and size of the Manoir. Both of them enjoyed their two years there together until my father passed away in 2010, making new friends , enjoying new activities and appreciating the security and support of all the management and staff. My mother moved to a smaller apartment after she was widowed, but lived the fullest possible next 11 years ,maximizing her independence ,her social interactions, friendships and involvement in the everyday life of Manoir KIrkland. She was on the welcoming and residents committees , involved in Theatre and Craft groups ,and took advantage of so many trips and special events . All of these things were made possible by an amazing group of Management and staff and volunteers who, without exception , respected her individuality ,always listened to any issues she needed to discuss ,and made her feel truly part of a family ,adapting to any problems that she had to increasing age . From the age of 99 her Birthdays were feted with such warmth - adapting to a late lactose and dairy intolerance ( thanks again Chef !) Her surroundings nurtured and extended her life of independence. This group never failed to maintain this caring despite the incredible difficulties of the last year and a half . in particular I would like to express appreciation to Mr Ababei for keeping tight control on the situations around Covid while still being a true confidant for my mother . My whole family would ,yet again, like to express our thanks and appreciation to the personnel of Manoir KIrkland . Chartwell certainly should be proud of this particular residence and the way in which it serves its residents .

Christine Rogic

I met with Heidi when I had an interview with her. I needed short-term accommodation (2 Months). Heidi was extremely helpful and informative. The time I have spent at the Manoir has been very pleasant, the staff always ready to help. During my stay, I have noticed the care and understanding of the residents by the staff. Well done, best wishes to you all.

Jessica J

My husbands uncle needed to find a place with assisted living. He had been in his apartment living alone for over 30 years and needed some extra help. I must of called at least ten other residences. When I spoke with Heidi here at the manor I knew he would be in phenomenal hands. Heidi went above and beyond to answer every question, explain honestly and kindly how the whole process would work. She stayed after her shift to show us living quarters and help to arrange everything from the activities they offered to recommending movers. My husbands uncle felt he found a place he could call home. Everyone we met was beyond kind and welcoming. Sadly my husbands uncle passed away before we were able to move, but out of all the places he and I looked into he had his heart was set on the manor Kirkland. I can’t thank Heidi and the staff for all their input, advise and help. I highly recommend meeting up with Heidi for information if you are looking for a safe and caring space for a member of your family.

Jessica J

My husbands uncle needed to find a place with assisted living. He had been in his apartment living alone for over 30 years and needed some extra help. I must of called at least ten other residences. When I spoke with Heidi here at the manor I knew he would be in phenomenal hands. Heidi went above and beyond to answer every question, explain honestly and kindly how the whole process would work. She stayed after her shift to show us living quarters and help to arrange everything from the activities they offered to recommending movers. My husbands uncle felt he found a place he could call home. Everyone we met was beyond kind and welcoming. Sadly my husbands uncle passed away before we were able to move, but out of all the places he and I looked into he had his heart was set on the manor Kirkland. I can’t thank Heidi and the staff for all their input, advise and help. I highly recommend meeting up with Heidi for information if you are looking for a safe and caring space for a member of your family.

Margaret Mavor

I must mention our Manager here Marcel Ababei..he is the one who has brought us through the pandemic. Thank you so much Marcel. Our chef Trevor Taylor is also someone we relied on for our food. Thanks Trevor..we know you are the best chef east of the Rockies. Honestly, everyone of the staff here works so hard for our comfort. I should have mentioned this before, that Suely, our recreation director has taken over responsibility for the garden, for I think two years. I think she has won us a municipal prize two years in a row. Yes, I think she’s going for three years in a row, this year. She does a bang-up job of it. Thanks Suely! Actually a lot of staff here work really hard. Elizabeth, who runs Control Central at the reception. How she is always so nice, I don’t know…and it’s very genuine.Then there’s Peter, our always obliging handy man. Sheldon, who keeps this place shining everywhere. Gail, she does everything from cleaning 🧹 to waitressing. She was an absolute necessity during the Covid crisis. ..and there are many others. Grateful for all of you.

Judy Harper

Our 95 year old Mother had been living at the Kirkland Manor for two years until the end of November. She was living on her own up until then and realized that it was time to make this move. She spent a lot of time alone in her apartment and unless her sisters would come and visit or take her out, she was pretty much on her own. We did not know how it would work, as she is shy and more of an introvert, so we did not know how involved she would become. We don't live in Montreal, so when I would visit, I would stay for a week and continued to do so, when she moved to the Kirkland Manor. I saw how much my Mom enjoyed meeting new people and she got involved in Bridge which she enjoyed immensely. Even though this was the activity she chose, there were many more activities offered. No longer did she need to eat meals on her own unless she chose to. Many times, during my stay with her, there was entertainment and we had so much fun. I had not danced like that since I was a teenager! The residents were so alive and engaged. I always found that whenever I entered the building, there was life in the lobby, lots of laughter and people sitting and chatting with each other. My Mom came down with COVID and then Shingles which was very hard on her and all of us, as we could not visit her, and when we learned of another possible wave, fortunately my brother has been able to take her to live with him. I wanted to mention a few people who I truly felt went above and beyond their responsibilities and one of them was Heidi, who worked tirelessly and patiently with us until we found the apartment that my Mom was happy with. Elizabeth whose smiling face you usually see at the front desk as you enter, makes sure all is running efficiently and smoothly for staff and residents. Trevor, the chef, works magic with what he is given to work with. He took the time to chat with residents and ask for their feedback all the time, to try and improve meals for them. Peter, the 'handyman' was always around taking care of something that needed fixing or installing etc. I was at my Mom's a number of times when I saw he was around and he was always so kind and pleasant with everyone. Suely, who handles the activities for the residents worked on bringing in new ideas and activities to keep the residents stimulated and happy. These times are unprecedented with such challenging situations they have had to deal with. I found their dedication, caring and commitment to keeping residents safe is so admirable. They make an amazing team and Chartwell should be proud to have such employees. I want to say thank you and I hope you all continue to keep safe.

Rudy Moley

My Friend LT just moved in to Manoir Kirkland and she is very happy and excited to be there. I accompanied her through the process from the initial visit to the moving day and the journey was without a hitch. Thank you Heidi for excellent advice and referrals. I know that LT will begin a new vibrant life here where the staff is so friendly, the residents very welcoming and the area peaceful and easily accessible. And, the food quality and selection is fantastic. Thank you again for great service.

France Desnoyers

je suis a cette résidence depuis 9 ans nous avons un service magnifique Marcel un directeur en or, Elizabeth une réceptionniste fantastique, Chantale une préposer dévouer a tout moment, en tout nous sommes une grande famille ou la joie de vivre est super au Manoir Kirkland

Sandi O’Shea

My aunt has been living at Chartwell’s Manoir Kirkland for 15+ years, and she still tells me that she doesn’t want to live anywhere else. Marcel and his Team: Heidi, Nirvana, Suely, Elizabeth, Joanne, the dining room/kitchen staff, and many others, are all wonderful, hardworking, have lots of patience and are very caring. They make each resident feel important and special. It is a great comfort to know that our loved ones are being well taken care of and that their health, safety and happiness are priorities. Many, many thanks to everyone at Manoir Kirkland! You are all greatly appreciated !

Linda Gimber

Back in 2014, our family was looking for a residence for our father and we had the good fortune to find Manoir Kirkland. From the day he moved in, we felt that it was the right place for him, It has always been a welcoming place from the lobby to the dining room to the nurse's office.....Through the years, the staff has been helpful and efficient, friendly and reliable- our family always felt that our father was in good hands. The activities have been plentiful and interesting and the premises well kept.Throughout the recent months of this awful pandemic, the staff continued to hold up the high standard of caring that we knew. They still managed to wear smiles under those masks and never wavered in their care. As family from the outside, we were kept informed and were reassured by their regular emails.Regrettably our father has passed away recently... and again the team has been wonderful in accommodating us to manage the move out...We are very thankful that he did spend his last years at Manor Kirkland ... we send our thanks and best wishes to the whole team as they continue to get through these trying times.

Nancy Kaudel

My mother chose the CHARTWELL Kirkland as a retirement home three years ago and after meeting the caring staff, and seeing the attention to the interior spaces and the surrounding gardens as well as the camaderie amongst the residents confirmed that her choice was an excellent one. With the Covid-19 pandemic many shortcomings in certain homes were brought to light, but the way the CHARTWELL Kirkland handled the situation was above and beyond. Every few days I received an email with updates of what was currentlly the situation and protocols, the staff was as always extremely compassionate, caring and helpful, extra effort was taken to prevent the residents from feeling isolated and to ensure their safety and well-being and if ever I had specific questions, Marcel Ababei, the General Manager would always answer my calls and respond with understanding and kindness. I cannot begin to say how thankful I am to everyone there and that especially during these trying times, they’ve shown me how committed they are to making their residents feel loved and cared for.

Marilyn Carbonneau

My daughter and I visited quite a few senior residences for a home for myself. We decided we both liked the Kirkland Manor the best, and I now feel like it is best for me. I have been her for over 2 years and now call it “my home”. I feel very safe, healthy and clean here, and the staff is very very helpful and kind. Questions are always answered truthfully and the care is excellent.

Elizabeth DE Vries

I became in Contact with Chart Well Manoir Kirkland a few years ago when I was considering placing my mother in a autonomous living residence. At that time I felt my mother needed some interaction with others her age for her own mental health. She had been living with me for many years at this point and I notice a decline in her mental abilities due to the lack of stimulation and socializing . I was introduce to the Manager Heidi and it all started from there. I must say from the very first meet I could feel an warm welcome and good vibes from Heidi and Chartwell Kirkland. Heidi showed a true devotion and love for what she does. She invited my mother to attend some of the more public type events to help her transition to be a bit easier. I watched Heidi how she interacted with both my mother and the other residences and felt that this was a great place for my mom to spend her later years. Heidi took the time to understand our needs and explain what Chartwell could offer us. Unfortunately a little while late my mother suffered a Stroke and all the plans changed . Since then Heidi has contacted me just to see how we are both doing and to say Hi . I must say had things had been different I would have been more than comfortable having my mom stay in this residence, the care and attention to details where exactly what I was looking for in a residence.

robert dawson

It`s unfortunate that all senior's residences in Quebec and Ontario are being painted with the same brush as a result of the recent scenario`s coming out of the CHLD`s in Quebec and the reports coming through the Cdn army regarding conditions in some nursing homes in Ontario. We should all be grateful that this knowledge is coming to the fore and hopefully will become a priority for the respective governments to fix when this pandemic is all said and done. Meanwhile there are some residences on the west Island that are weathering the storm very well so to speak and that should be pointed out as well. The Kirkland Manor is one. They have responded well to the changing conditions for their 200+ residents. The staff is available to contact from outside family and respond quickly to special needs. Are there shortcomings ? Of course there are. These are unprecedented times, presenting situations many have never seen before and the shortcomings are probably related to lack of staff and conditions most of us have never had to deal with. My 95 year old mother and her twin sister are residents. They`re are not swinging from the chandeliers happy about being locked down for the length of time they have been. But they feel safe, looked after, and of course looking forward to a return of some form of normalcy. Tks to dg Marcel for his personal contact and to Heidi Wise for everything. The Manor is a reliable, comfortable, and safe place for seniors

Yvette Frigault-Chisholm

I am a new resident of one year at Manoir Kirkland and am glad I chose the right place, I feel safe here. A huge thank you to all the staff and management, the service and caring is exceptional.

Peggy Forde

I am pleased and grateful for the prompt and informative community that is going out to residents and families during this time of quarantine and social isolation. I am also pleased with the measures being taken to stop the spread of the Covid virus in the residence. My mother, who is a resident, seems happy and is weathering the situation well, despite having been confined to her apartment since March 25. Thank you for your care and concern at this difficult time.

David Morris

Thank you to Trevor and his team for the NY Eve dinner and music. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was wonderful, and the keyboard player was a delight. The sophistication of the menu and the preparation were a beautiful compliment to everyone present, and I'm 100% sure you are getting a lot of positive feedback. It was touching for Mom to be able to invite us for the Holidays, and I know it made her feel very special. Trevor spoke movingly before and after the meal. All the staff were really ebullient and giving of their positive energy, making for a really celebratory mood. It was the best event I have seen at a large seniors residence. I hope to attend again in future.

colleen hardy

The amenities and services at Manoir Kirkland are superb and wonderfully personalized. The warm and caring professionalism of the staff is so exceptional. Marcel and Heidi (senior management) are terrific, empathetic and compassionate, with remarkable people skills. They make Manoir Kirkland a truly special people place!!!!

Deborah Fairchild

My Mum is in Manoir Kirkland and loves it. Friendly, caring staff. Friendly atmosphere. Lots of activities and a fabulous selection of meals to choose from. Big thumbs up from me.

Peter Stone

My father-in-law has been a resident of Manoir Kirkland for several years. My wife and I have been consistently impressed by the quality of service/care he receives and the interest that staff members demonstrate in his well-being. The General Manager's personal commitment to - and engagement with - the residents is readily apparent, and the members of his team are clearly inspired by his leadership. We have no hesitation in recommending this residence.

Katia Santini

My mother is very happy with all the services and your staff. She's always telling us how nice every one is with her. She really feels at home. We feel she is in good hands and in a safe environment. We would be confident to refer other elderly people to your residence.

Rosalie Foyle

Living at Manor Kirkland is like living at home but with friendly staff and friends always available and always kind and caring. My mother has been living here for over fifteen years and the residence has exceeded our expectations. I would definitely recommend the Chartwell Manor Kirkland and would move there myself in my retirement years.

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