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Is the Time Right to Consider Retirement Living?

If you would like to find out if the time is right for retirement living for your loved one, take our "Is It Time?" survey.

1. How often do you worry about your elderly loved one when he or she is home alone?

2. Has your loved one recently suffered a health scare that has caused you concern?
  No, but I am worried this may occur

3. Have you been increasingly stressed because of extra efforts you have recently undertaken to care for your loved one?
  No, but I fear I may in the future

4. Has your loved one become forgetful recently, neglected household chores or not paid bills?
  A little bit

5. Do you believe your loved one may be lonely, and would benefit from enhcanced social connections with others?

6. Has a medical professional recommended that searching for senior living options may be beneficial for your loved one?
  Not yet, but expect they will in our future

7. Would living in a community that provided basic assistance, such as laundry, housekeeping and security, help your loved one and reduce the stress on family caregivers?
  Maybe within the foreseeable future

8. How much physical activity does your loved one have access to and actively participate in?
  My loved one has access to and participates in physical activity on a regular basis
  Some, but he or she could benefit from more options.
  None, and he or she would benefit from a community that provided this.

9. Has your loved one experienced any driving-related problems, including decreased confidence while driving, loss of license or difficulty in finding transportation for appointments?
  No, but this is a strong possibility for the future

10. Would you feel a peace of mind in knowing that your loved one received regular observation and supervision of their well-being?
  No, but I may in the future

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