"Am I Ready?" Questionnaire

If you're wondering whether a retirement living lifestyle is the best option for you at this stage in your life, take our "Am I Ready?" questionnaire.

  1. How often do you feel unsafe, isolated or lonely living on your own?
  1. Do you often need help with household chores, such as cooking and cleaning?
  1. Can you manage your outdoor housework, such as gardening, lawn maintenance and snow shoveling?
  1. How often do you participate in your favourite hobbies and activities?
  1. Have you recently experienced a fall or a health concern that required hospitalization?
  1. Do you take any medications? If so, do you ever have trouble remembering to take them at the appropriate times?
  1. Do you get to see friends and family often throughout the day, week or month?
  1. Do you find it difficult to move around your current home?
  1. Are you comfortable using the stairs in your current home?
  1. Do you require assistance to pay bills?
  1. Do you currently eat three well-balanced meals per day?
  1. Do you have the ability to participate in regular physical activity to meet your fitness needs?
  1. Do you often feel uncomfortable or unable to drive around on your own?
  1. Would you feel more comfortable living in a retirement community that offers support and security rather than living at home by yourself?

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