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The Sumach by Chartwell

146 Sumach Street, Toronto (Ontario) M5A 0P7

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anne smith

I really love the location and the entire bldg

Anne Washington

I love my unit and I understand there is some activity in the works, but the food is not very good. I am thinking of cancelling my meal plan. I moved from Davenhill where the food was excellent. It can be done! It would be great to have a small variety store on the block!

Nancy Graham RN

I am very happy with my decision to move May 2019 into The Sumach . The suites are lovely and my furnishing and décor fit my suite perfectly. The Concierge staff are friendly and very helpful, and all of my requests including handyman tasks have been promptly completed. There are multiple communal spaces available for people to freely use during the day or evening such as the beautiful horticulture room, Bistro, Library, Fitness studio, Games Room with billiard table and several living room spaces. The outdoor terrace is spectacular with views and shared BBQ, The landscaping around the property is still a work in progress, but the property just opened recently. The best part of The Sumach is the outstanding responsive management team and their respective staff. The Sumach reflects the future of older adult living.

D Olson

Update..The food has greatly improved! It is really good now and served piping hot! As well, Chartwell is making a great effort to engage all tenants in choosing activities they would enjoy and making every effort to make everyone happy! My family is so pleased. A definite 5/5 now! Highly recommend. Thank you!

D Olson

The building is lovely as are the units. The staff are all extremely friendly and very helpful. Rooftop patio is stunning. Very new modern building with fabulous amenities. My family has been there since August 2019. I do have a few concerns however. The main one being the food offered in the dining room. It is not good and it is not getting any better. I know several people plan to stop their monthly meal plan as it is just not worth the cost. Food is terrible, luke warm. Promises of improvement by chef but nothing has changed for the better. It's really a shame. Could be a great restaurant. "Your food is only as good as your chef"! Chartwell needs to realize the age of tenants in this building has changed very much over the last few months and there are many very senior people who have moved in. They are aching for a meeting spot in the building where they can socialize and have a coffee - a tea room/drop in area. Many arent able to exercise and need a place to go every day for a few hours to get out of their units. I realize this building was created for the 50+ crowd but Chartwell needs to realize this building is now full of elderly people who have different social requirements and hopefully their activities coordinator will take this into consideration soon. it has such great potential if only the food and activities were a little more geared to the demographic of the people :)

Bonnie DeClara

The residence is not fully operational and the amenities are not available. The staff are not looking after the residents appropriately. Hence no help re fan in bathroom not shutting off and parcels coming to the front desk are not being sent up. My sister lives there and is quite distraught of these things.

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