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96 % des résidents ont estimé que leur résidence Chartwell avait pris des mesures importantes pour assurer leur sécurité pendant la crise liée à la COVID-19. Résultats du sondage de Chartwell « À votre écoute pour mieux vous servir » mené en 2020.

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At Chartwell, we want you to experience the sense of safety, support and peace of mind you deserve from the first day you move in with us. Here’s why Chartwell residences are safe places to call home:

  1. We diligently follow all provincial and public health guidance and provide PPE to our employees.
  2. Our residences have enhanced infection prevention and control protocols.
  3. Staff are on-site 24-7 to support you, if and when you need assistance.
  4. Our new Transition Together Move-In Program helps you safely ease into life in your new home with peer support.
  5. Family visit protocols remain in place to ensure you stay connected with loved ones.
  6. Our residence staff have transparent and regular communication with residents and their families so you always know what’s going on. 

While safety remains our top priority, we also foster safe opportunities for socialization and engagement so you can enjoy the lifestyle at Chartwell to the fullest.

Chez Chartwell, nous tenons à ce que vous éprouviez le sentiment de sécurité, de soutien et de tranquillité d’esprit que vous méritez dès le premier jour de votre emménagement chez nous. Voici pourquoi les résidences Chartwell sont des milieux sécuritaires où il fait bon vivre :

  1. Nous suivons avec diligence toutes les directives provinciales et de la santé publique et fournissons l’ÉPI nécessaire à nos employés.
  2. Nos résidences appliquent des protocoles renforcés de prévention et de contrôle des infections.
  3. Le personnel est présent sur place en tout temps pour vous aider quand vous en avez besoin.
  4. Notre nouveau programme « Vivre la transition ensemble » vous aide à vous installer dans votre nouvelle résidence en toute sécurité, en bénéficiant du soutien de vos pairs et du personnel.
  5. Les protocoles de visites des familles demeurent en place pour vous permettre de maintenir des liens avec vos proches.
  6. Le personnel de notre résidence entretient une communication transparente et régulière avec les résidents et leurs familles afin de vous tenir au courant de tout ce qui se passe.

Bien que la sécurité demeure notre priorité absolue, nous favorisons également les occasions de socialisation et de participation en toute sécurité afin que vous puissiez profiter pleinement du mode de vie offert chez Chartwell.

Chartwell Rideau Place Retirement Residence

550, rue Wilbrod, Ottawa (Ontario) K1N 9M3

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Jane Bachynski

I am the spouse of one of the residents of Rideau Place. In November, 2019, my husband moved into Rideau Place as, unfortunately, I was no longer able to provide a sufficient level of care for him in home while still trying to work full time. I toured and considered a number of residences in Ottawa but I knew as soon as I walked through the doors of Rideau Place and saw the elegance and beauty of the place, that Rideau Place was the top contender. Then, after speaking with the then General Manager and Marketing Manager, as well as the Nursing Manager and other staff, I was convinced that Rideau Place, together with some additional available services, could provide my husband with a high level of care combined with a very high quality of living. From November, 2019 to March 14, 2020, the date of the COVID lockdown of Rideau Place, I spent a lot of time visiting my husband – at least 2 to 4 times a week depending on my work schedule. Over those few short months, Rideau Place became my second home and my home away from home; and its managers, staff and residents part of my extended family. My husband and I enjoyed meals together in the dining room, played piano in the Strathcona lounge, played pool and darts in the games rooms, attended afternoon teas and of course, became regulars at the Friday afternoon Happy Hours replete with drinks, appetizers and live music (and even some dancing which my husband loves to do). Then COVID happened and the complete lockdown of Rideau Place on March 14, 2020, just as I was arriving with groceries for my husband’s suite, his Saturday newspaper and looking forward to a lovely day watching movies and reading the newspaper with him. My world changed in an instant as did everyone else’s and I had to put my complete trust and confidence in the management and staff of Rideau Place to take care of my husband and safeguard him from the dreaded virus. I could not be there in person to assess in his care and health with my own eyes and the thought of him being isolated from me, his family and friends for any length of time was simply terrifying. For the next 3 and ½ months during the lockdown, the management and staff kept me regularly apprised of the situation and my husband’s health, took my numerous calls, talked me off the ceiling a few times and arranged for me to FaceTime with my husband as much as possible. Most importantly, they kept my husband and all the residents virus free and safe. On June 25, 2020, a day I will never forget, I was able to see my husband in person again. As soon as I got word that my COVID test was clear, I rushed over to Rideau Place to surprise my husband. He did not know I was on my way. When I walked into his suite, he was napping on his couch, I gently called his name, he sat up, looked at me, and despite my mask, he recognized me right away, and with a look of surprise and a big smile on his face he said “My Janey is here.” In an instant, 3 and ½ months of waiting to see him, standing in a COVID testing line, and trying to find the right surgical masks were a distant memory and that moment worth every hoop I had to jump through to get there. Second only to the incredible reception and reunion I had with my husband, was the heartfelt reception I was met with by the management, staff and residents of Rideau Place. I could have been met with trepidation and concern that the risk posed by visitors would hurt their incredible virus free record that they worked so tirelessly to achieve, but instead I was met with tremendous warmth, kindness and a welcoming spirit. I have now visited my husband numerous times since June 25, 2020. He is in excellent spirits and health. He looks great and is content and happy. He fared far better through the lockdown that I could have ever hoped. Most tellingly, he turned to me the other day and, out of the blue, he said about Rideau Place, “This was a great choice.” I couldn’t agree more, as do his family and friends. I

Stephany Williams

I was a Nurse at Rideau Place for five years, in the early 2000's before relocating. My career has taken me many a place in my profession. However: My heart had always remained with Rideau Place. The staff, desk service, dietary, nursing, residents, everybody...Were just about the most delightful of people I have had the pleasure of knowing. This facility, despite the fact that we have many beautiful homes in Ottawa, is second to none. There is a definitive charm, and elegance, that can be felt the minute one walks through the door. It is hard to explain but I always felt I was in another world when on duty there. The pictures, works of art, beautiful furniture adorn every floor...Truly, an elegance that is not carried on in this day, anywhere else, and one they have managed to hold on to despite all the modern designs that are now the norm. It is the whole package. Grace, beauty, charm from days gone by. And to look over the Rideau River at the ducks and the amazing

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