Chartwell Eau Claire Care Residence

301 7th Street SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 1Y6

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Victoria Beattie

Mother was in delicate health and struggling to be her normal self when she arrived at Chartwell Eauclaire from the hospital in BC. The staff on the third floor have been absolutely wonderful to Mom and to me. The health team met with us several times and has spent a lot of time working with us over the past 4 months. Tonight when we picked mom up to come home for dinner she was in terrific spirits, happy and healthy. Mom is 96 yrs young could not be better cared for. Thank you to the entire Chartwell team, we are very grateful. Best regards, Victoria

Darcy Kline

We are a companion care agency that focus on people that have energy to go for walks more often in a week. Or would like a bit more one on one events. The staff at Eau Claire have embraced this agency's staff very well, and even referred our services to many residence. The staff are friendly to everyone. I like it as they seem to know the residence by name and will get to know them personally very well. They seem to try to keep the people active as best as they can with a sizable amount of residence that live there. I find the team at Eau Claire care staff show that this is their home and they have fair rights while they live there.

Rita S.

My father has resided at Eau Claire Care Residence for about five years. I think the best thing about Eau Claire is the caring staff. The waitresses in the dining room (Rosa in particular) know my dad so well that if his appetite is a bit off, they will let the nursing staff know and they ensure someone does a checkup of my Dad. The recreation staff is always looking for ways to ensure that residents are able to participate in the activities and that they offer activities that appeal to all kinds of abilities and interests. For example, I was concerned that my Dad was unable to keep track of his wallet and frequently losing it. This meant that it would be difficult for my dad to participate in the Happy Hours because he wouldn't have money to purchase a drink. When asking Candice about it, she assured me that they had a system organized to keep track of monies paid ahead for my Dad. She was so kind about it. Joan at the front desk is amazingly organized, thoughtful and helpful. Luda who works on the weekends knows me even though I don't live in Calgary and only visit my dad every few months -- I don't know how she does it. Last time I visited, she saw me walk in and could tell me that my Dad was in the fireplace room. Often I will come to Eau Claire early and pop up to my Dad's apartment while the careaid is helping him get ready. She doesn't know I'm in the apartment and I can hear how patient she is being with him. All in all, the staff at Eau Claire are amazing. Thank you so much for everything your staff does for my father (room 509).

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