Chartwell Belcourt résidence pour retraités

1344 Belcourt Boulevard, Orleans, Ontario K1C 1L9

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Paula Brault

By the way, which is very important, I forgot to mention that the personnel here is very kind and understanding and willing to help you. We also have a lot of activities which keep us busy and happy. Thank you to everyone !!!

Paula Brault

I have been living here for over 2 years and I am enjoying everything. As you know some people die and go to heaven well I just moved and I am now in heaven on earth. The food is fantastic and the people are very friendly. I am really enjoying my stay here.

Auriette Lafortune

since April 1 2017 i been living here with my husband in a nice room. we are very happy here very comfortable with great staff and food is good. staff is always through good times and bad...nursing staff is excellent. this is a great place to call home lots of activities and never bored

Lise Aubin

Ma mère est très heureuse dans les appartement de Belcourt. Lorsque je visite le personnel est toujours très accueillant. La personne en charge des activités est très animée.

Gerry Whitford

me and my wife been living here for 3 years and love it lot of activities and outings that i go to and food and other services are excellent

Huguette Ftlion

There are so many activities my daughter phones around 7am to be able to reach me but it's a good thing to keep me it

carole davidson

alot of activities good services food is excelent

Margo Whitford

Me and hubby been living at Belcourt Manor for 3 years and love it..very friendly staff and have always been here for us through good times and bad..and so many activities always busy whether its playing sandbags, running the bingo, watching movies, going on great outings to malls, lunch, picnics etc. and do the excercise program and we made so many friends here...its the perfect place to call home love it

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