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A Note from our CEO

June 30, 2020

Each year, Canada Day gives us an opportunity to celebrate the land we live on and the great nation we are part of.

Globally, Canada is regarded as a model of diversity, inclusion and acceptance. It is a country that strives to preserve cultures, values and ideals of all people – those born here or, like my family, those that chose to call this country home later in life. For me personally this day is an annual reminder that I made the right decision to immigrate here some 25 years ago.

I feel very fortunate to enjoy the freedom that many people around the world struggle for and I am grateful for the courage and determination of the men and women - including many of our residents and staff - who bravely fought to preserve it.

No society is perfect and ours is not an exception. We must continue to work to eliminate inequality of opportunity affecting many minority groups and to eradicate discrimination whether it is based on race, religion, gender or sexual preferences. We at Chartwell must do our part by creating a truly diverse and inclusive company where our differences are not only accepted but celebrated.

I am proud that Chartwell is a destination for women looking to grow their careers. We were recently recognized by the Globe and Mail for our gender equality at top levels of the organization in the inaugural “Women Who Lead” list. Women Who Lead recognizes top female executives across Canada who are trail blazing in their leadership positions for other women. Consider these statics; 82% of our 15,000 employees, 75% of our Senior Vice Presidents and 50% of our C-suite are women. In addition, 37.5% of our independent Directors are women.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion aligns with our values of RESPECT, and is reflected in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, our Respectful Workplace and our Workplace Inclusion and Diversity policies.

I am committed to continue strengthening diversity and inclusion in our residences and corporate offices. I believe that through continual renewal and development of positive policies and programs, Chartwell will remain a company that promotes an equitable and respectful workplace. As a business we will all benefit from new ways of thinking, communicating and working together.

Chartwell, like Canada, is a mosaic of generations, cultures and genders. We will be wise to embrace what we have in common, to open our hearts to and seek to learn from what is unfamiliar. Each one of our employees adds to our rich and diverse culture that defines the Chartwell experience. Together, we represent what it means to be Canadian and should take pride in being part of this great nation.

Vlad Volodarski
Chief Executive Officer

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