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Dr. Amy

Dr. Amy D’Aprix is a gerontological social worker with more than thirty years of experience working with and on behalf of older adults and their families. An author, professional speaker and life coach, she’s passionate about helping people find comfort and fulfillment as they age, as well as in their role as a family caregiver.

Chartwell is excited to partner with Dr. Amy to provide you and your family with advice on a number of important topics related to aging, life transitions and caregiving.

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Do you believe that life in a retirement residence will positively impact you or a loved one’s health and happiness, but you’re still exploring if a move is within your means? Our financial tools and advice can help you determine how truly valuable a retirement living lifestyle can be, as well as what affordability looks like for you.

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Looking for some advice that could help you during your retirement living journey? Explore some important topics of conversation—from how to begin your search, to discussing options with family, to what to do once you move in—with Chartwell’s team of experts.

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