Tips on starting the conversation with your aging parent

Sometimes older adults don't even recognize how small their worlds have become, as it often happens gradually.

Truth is, adult children can struggle with having these types of conversations with their parents.

The good news is that you can have effective and harmonious conversations with your parents by following a few simple guidelines

Preparing to speak with your parents about the need for more support?
It’s important to acknowledge your parents’ emotions in your first conversation together. Step into your parents’ shoes and approach the conversation from their perspective.

Next, gently share what you have noticed about changes in their activity level or ability to socialize.

Following the conversation, consider visiting retirement homes together. A short-term stay, participating in scheduled activities, trying the cuisine, and meeting other residents can all help your parents decide if they could feel at home in a retirement community.

Everyone deserves for their later years to be some of the best years of their life. And for your parents, it might just start with a conversation with you!

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