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Searching for a Loved One

Aging with choice: many of us can agree this is something that we not only want for ourselves when we retire, but something we want for our parents and loved ones. Yet, sometimes the mindset that the longer someone can stay in their home, the better off they are still prevails in today’s society—even when the home that once suited someone beautifully now holds them back from leading a happy and healthy retirement.

Searching for a Loved One

Perhaps it’s time we updated this idea and began talking about what aging with choice means: finding a living situation that best supports our desires and needs as we age. This may be a conversation you’re readying yourself to have with your own parent if you’ve noticed changes in their current lifestyle. Maybe they no longer get out of their house as often to socialize, don’t eat as well as they once did, are concerned about being alone at night, have trouble managing all of their medications, or are simply relying more heavily on family or friends for assistance.

For your loved one, now may be the right time to embrace the many benefits of a lifestyle in a Chartwell retirement community, where they are empowered to decide what aspects of daily life they want support with for a happier, healthier and more fulfilling retirement. With the independence, freedom and choice to lead the retirement years they desire, you’ll find your loved one isn’t the only one living with enhanced peace of mind.

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